Why do you guys ring that bell? Why does everyone stop and clap or cheer?
When do I get to ring the bell?


The Anatomy of a Personal Record (PR).

Thank you for trusting CFHP on your fitness journey. We strive to bring you the absolute best in everything we do.


Some interesting concepts to consider first: one of our core values as a gym is Growth.  When one person succeeds, we all succeed. When one person grows, we all grow. Second, the coaches' dueling philosophy is that we write programs with YOUR best interest at heart. We make you do things you wouldn't necessarily do for yourself (because we know it will make you better). We try to make you better at something (even if it is a 1% improvement) EVERY time you come in the gym. Third, we have a commandment board that has grown and been refined over the last 7 years. They are in no particular order, but the last one says, "Celebrate every victory". When you celebrate as an athlete, we all get to celebrate as a community.  


The Personal Record (PR) Board is for CFHP athletes. It is simply a physical representation/record of a celebrated victory. The PR Bell is an audible recognition of something that may go unnoticed to the rest of the gym. We use three methods to coach in the gym: tactile (we actually put you into a better position), visual (we show you what a better position looks like), and verbal (we tell you what we want to see to make your position better). We want to celebrate a variety of ways as well. Tactile is the high fives. Verbal is the "good job". Visual is the PR board. YOU as an athlete (because you understand when you win, we all win) use the Board and the bell to not only celebrate your victory, but also to help inspire others.  


What is a PR? Anything YOU as the athlete feels strongly enough about or worthy enough about to put on the board. Did you show up 4 days last week? Is that the first time you did it? Have you really been trying to come in more and just haven't found the time? YES!  That is a PR very worthy of recognition. Every encounter you have with other humans needs to be a positive one. You never know when your actions could trigger an emotional or physical response from another. Someone who is so nervous to write a seemingly inconsequential PR on the board, might find the courage to ring that bell, after they see YOU do it. The coaching staff loves to see you crush numbers in the lifts and benchmark workouts, but they are only as powerful as the person who writes them down. If you want to strive for numbers in lifts, then we are on your team! If you want to dial in your eating and eat clean 5/7 days per week, then we are on your team. If all you want to do is show up, then we are on your team. YOU as the athlete decide what we celebrate.    


Be that change you wish to see in the world. Make a positive impact on someone's life.


The PR board is for you. What goes on there is up to you. Life is not about the destination, it is about the journey and the people you impact along the way.  


One of my proudest moments came when Bill B wrote his name on the PR board for a Handstand Hold. Just one. Kick. Up. On. The. Wall. He cared enough to write it on the board and we celebrated. Guess what? Some other athletes saw that PR and did the exact same thing.


How do you know when you have gotten a PR? Commandment #9 "Track your Progress". Find things that you are truly passionate about inside the gym and out. Start tracking those. Trust the process of getting there. In any good adventure, there are wins, obstacles, and set-backs. Embrace these elements. After a series of set-backs, there is nothing more enjoyable in the world than

a WIN. What is the point of winning if you don't get to celebrate the accomplishment.


Win at life. PR life. Let us celebrate with you.


Yours in the limitless pursuit,



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