2 Ways To Get Started
Your success matters.

At the foundation of that success is a positive coach-athlete relationship.  One that challenges you to make real and lasting changes while also encouraging you every step of the way.  We call our approach to continuous improvement "The Winning Cycle"  and you'll get to see it in action the very first time you walk in the door. 


IS This for me?

At HPA we're looking for individuals who don't have all day to spend in the gym.  We're looking for folks that enjoy being challenged in a progressive and smart way.   Who love to sweat.   Who love to be part of a team.  Who can be as silly as we are.  And we LOVE it when you ask questions, try new things, and reach levels of fitness that you've never had before.   


Every new athlete begins with an on-boarding process to ensure their success in our coaching program.   Because everyone starts in a different place,  we have a few options. 

After a movement assessment and initial meeting with a coach, your first step will be one of the following:

Beginner On-Ramp:  6  1-hour or 12 30-minute private coaching sessions.   These build a knowledge, skill, and just enough fitness that you'll feel confident in group coaching sessions.   This is the best option for athletes that haven't been working out and have no functional fitness experience. 

Intermediate On-Ramp:  3 75-minute private sessions for new athletes that have been consistently working out, but have no experience with functional fitness.   We'll teach you the movements, names, and ways to progress movements so you'll know exactly what to do when you come to your first group session. 


Advanced coaching session and trial class:  1 90-minute session where you demonstrate the movements you know.  Every coaching program is different and you'll learn our cues, progressions, and get some feedback on your movement patterns.   Be ready to move with a barbell, do some olympic lifts, gymnastics movements, and a workout.   This is essential for us to know how to coach you best.   Not everyone is ready to jump into class and may need additional sessions to correct poor movement patterns.   If the coach feels you are ready we'll schedule a trial class in which your coach will guide you through.  


Every program requires consistency.  You'll have great days and not so great days.  Some days you'll be sore.  Some days you won't feel like it.  New athletes are asked to commit to 6 months of multiple group coaching sessions each week, and monthly private check-ins with your coach to address issues, celebrate wins, and map out next steps.    Lets be honest, without commitment, no program on the planet is going to work.  Anyone who tells you otherwise, is selling you something. 

“Working with a coach one on one going over the fundamentals gave me tons of confidence to be comfortable to jump into a group.  As well, I was able to understand proper form and have an ongoing discussion about getting the most out of the workouts. It helped me tremendously!”          ~ Hal Hayes 

 Momentum = Effort + Direction

Hyperformance Coaching Combines Group Training with Accountability, Strategy, and Direction unique to you

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