2 Ways To Get Started
Your success matters.

At the foundation of that success is a positive coach-athlete relationship.  One that challenges you to make real and lasting changes while also encouraging you every step of the way.  We call our approach to continuous improvement "The Winning Cycle"  and you'll get to see it in action the very first time you walk in the door. 


Coaching Experience

All prospective athletes, regardless of current shape or athletic history, begin with a private coaching consult.    This is a 45 minute session that is all about you.  We'll talk about what you need and desire, probably laugh a bit, and maybe move around some.  You'll get a few personalized tips to start implementing immediately.   




“Working with a coach one on one going over the fundamentals gave me tons of confidence to be comfortable to jump into a group.  As well, I was able to understand proper form and have an ongoing discussion about getting the most out of the workouts. It helped me tremendously!”          ~ Hal Hayes 


Brand-spanking new - If you are brand new to functional movement and high intensity workouts, our fundamentals course will get you where you need to be.   You can take the course privately with your coach who can customize it for your pace or you can take it with a small group (max 6 people).   In fundamentals you'll be exposed to key primal movement patterns, develop a plan for progression and adding variety, and connect with our community and culture.  During your Complimentary Consult, you and your coach will determine your best next step, either Private Fundamentals or Small Group Fundamentals. 

With experience but it's been a while - Fundamentals is good for you too.  It will ramp up your stamina and strength so you can hit the ground running (literally) in classes. 


We recommend that athletes coming from another affiliate or functional training facility take our fundamentals program as well to cover any gaps or correct bad habits.   If you feel comfortable with all the fundamental movements, progressions, and modalities, then we invite you schedule a private movement assessment after your coaching consult.  This will allow your coach to give you feedback on many of the common movements under higher load and intensity.   Click here for more information for experienced athletes. 

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 Momentum = Effort + Direction

Momentum Coaching Combines Live Training with Accountability, Strategy, and Direction unique to you

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