CFHP 10 Commandments
Things to help you grow



Believe unconditionally in yourself and the ability of others.  We list this first because we have seen its power over the years.  CFHP will teach you things and show you things that you never thought possible.  We will change the way you think about fitness and your potential as an athlete.  We will get you to believe in YOURSELF no matter the task at hand.  Once you believe in yourself, you can then start believing in others.  People who believe in each other can conquer anything.

2. Stand Tall

What happens when you are presented with an obstacle or challenge?  Do you run the other way or look for an easy way out?  Or do you stand up and take the challenge head-on?  Standing tall is also how we want you to rest.  Hands on the hips, chest out, and breathing easily.  The opposite of this is bent over, hands on your knees, and gasping for air.  We don't crumble over after workouts are done.  We stand tall awaiting the next challenge to be thrown at us.


3. Think and Speak Positive

"Your thoughts and words lead to actions.  Your actions lead to habits.  Your habits lead to character.  You character leads to your destiny".- Paraphrased from several sources.  Learn to use your thoughts and words to not only help yourself, but to also help others.  While positive thoughts and words can bring much joy and success, negative words and thoughts can do the opposite.  


4. Attack your Weakness

We want you to take your weaknesses and make them your strengths.  You only do that by becoming uncomfortable and ferociously attacking.  This will only make you a better athlete and person in the long run.  Try to do one thing everyday that scares you.

5. Count Only Good Reps 

One of our core values is integrity.  We will teach you how to move.  Your job is to hold yourself accountable during the workouts to match the standards we set with your own.  

6. Earn your RX

No one gets to come in on day one and peform max lifts.  We will first teach you mechanics.  Then you will learn consistency.  Once you master that, then we will introduce intensity.  Trying to run before you can jog or skip is a recipie for disaster.  Take the time to learn it correctly.  The weights and the speed will come.

7. Ask Questions

Be an active part in your own life.  If you don't understand something, then please ask about it.  We want you to take charge.  We love discussion.  We love debate.  We love intelligent conversation.  We learn by asking questions.  The world is no longer flat because people started asking questions.  Change your world today.

8. Fuel your WOD

Every good fitness program needs to have a basis in nutrition.  We have seen good nutrition separate people who get really good results, from people who just get a really good workout.  CFHP does not tout any particular diet fad, but we do want you to eat real food as often as possible.  

9. Track your Progress

How do you know when you have reached a milestone?  We want you to be able to see improvement.  The more detail you can record, the more improvement you will see.  

10. Celebrate Every Victory 

In line with #9, we want to record stuff so that we can celebrate EVERY victory with you.  No matter how big or small, we want to commend you on a job well done.  Several small victories can create momentum and lasting change.  




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