bulletproof coaching

Freedom to Move, Pain FREE

What does bulletproof coaching look like?  

"Our goal is to help you move freely, without pain.  We promise to give you what you need to succeed.  Not more or less.  For about half our clients, that looks like 1 on 1 custom coaching.  For about 40%, a simpler bulletproof template will do the trick.  And 10% or so we will refer to a medical professional or another more appropriate program. "

Bullet Proof Coaching starts with a head to toe movement assessment and strength balance assessment. Then you’ll get a plan to follow to correct and bulletproof, videos to demonstrate proper movement, and support from your coach. *Reassessments included as needed with a 3 month minimum.



Weekend adventures  |  Social golfers  |  Backyard gardeners  |  Athletes with nagging pain

Athletes that want to reduce injury  |  Caregivers and teachers

Industrial workers and first responders  |  Travelers and desk workers

Post physical therapy   |  Re-entry to fitness or sport

schedule a free, no obligation
consult and assessment.


“My left quad atrophied after surgery. I knew starting the Bulletproof program over again would get me where I wanted.”
- Rose D.

“Doing Bulletproof programming made my work day easier. Moving and lifting is part of my job. I would come home at night feeling better.”
- Bob H.

“Focusing on the right movements for me changed the way I looked at exercise.”
- Rose S.

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