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Billy Ussery


I've been here at HPA for a little over three years. I didn't have much of an athletic background before CrossFit other than peewee football, church league softball and a little bit of sparing at Jarrell's gym.  My CrossFit Hyperformance family means so much to me! They've helped me accomplish so many things in the gym that I never would've imagined I could do and as I've heard often said around here "Wins in the gym lead to wins in life."  As for why I love CrossFit so much, it's really preparing me for my ultimate goal of becoming a firefighter with Savannah Fire. We have a number of Savannah Firefighters in our community and being a part of that brotherhood is what I desire more than anything.

When it comes to coaching, I love being able to encourage others and help them accomplish their goals the same way my coaches have helped me. A couple of weeks ago I watched one of our athletes perform a sweet squat snatch. It was surprising to me how excited I was! That's really what it's all about here anyway: Rising to Lift Others!

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