Drew McKenzie


Drew has been around Crossfit since 2007.  He has seen many changes in the "Sport of Fitness" since that time.  He believes that fitness is forever evolving.  He takes a scientific Jeet Kune Do approach to his fitness journey.  Use what works.  Discard what doesn't.  Learn from the best in the business.  Seek constant improvement.  Evaluate, re-evaluate.  Test, re-test.  Be creative, express fitness in a variety of ways, invent if needed.  Most of all take don't yourself too seriously.  Life is short.  Live the best you can.  Kaizen and BUIYATAOO!


MS, CSCS, Crossfit Level I, Crossfit Level 2, USAW Level 1, Crossfit Kids, Crossfit Football, Mobility, Program Director, Instructor Training Coordinator


Contact Drew: Drew@crossfithp.com

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