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Rise To Lift Others

New to town?  Checking out a new place to train?  Welcome!


Chances are, you are leaving a great affiliate and great people.  We understand that nothing else will feel the same for a bit.  Please feel free to try out multiple gyms in the area because THE MOST IMPORTANT THING is that you find a place that feels like a great fit.  We love being the place where Savannah newbies make connections!   

Here are a few of the many questions we get from new athletes:


What type of gym are you?

Established in 2008, Hyperformance Athletics, is a strength and conditioning gym. That's just the tip of the iceberg..  Our full time coaches have education and experience in numerous Exercise and Health avenues.  We prescribe each individual athlete exactly what they need to meet their goals.  This approach gives you fitness that is broad and inclusive, but also give you overall health and wellness.   Achieving that fitness also has to be integrated into your life - which is what our coaches do best. 

Can I come check out a class?

It has been our experience that athletes from other gyms ask lots of great questions (more questions than most beginners). If you have prior exercise experience and are interested in trying a class, we just ask that you attend a Complimentary Consult first.   That way we can answer all of your questions, get to know you, and introduce you to some unique aspects of our programming - without taking away from the class itself.  Then you are welcome to enjoy the experience and see what all the Hype is about.


Do I have to do fundamentals?

Maybe.  We reserve the right to require new members with experience to do a movement assessment, take our fundamentals program, or to do a series of customized fundamental private sessions based on your experience, knowledge, and skill.  Sometimes more experience can also mean more bad habits.   We want to make sure that you feel comfortable in our high paced classes and also train safely.



Do you offer Open Gym? 

Currently we offer Open Gym for members on Tuesday/ Thursday 6am - 10am and 4pm - 8pm.  We also offer it on Saturdays from 11am - 1pm.  The cost is included in our momentum coaching package and maintenance memberships.  Additionally,  as a member you will have a primary coach.  That coach may prescribe some auxiliary work to help you reach your goals faster or address a weak area.   Members are allowed to come early to class or stay after class to work on some this individualized programming as long as it doesn't interfere with the class or any private training occurring at the same time.    The facility is by appointment only between 1pm and 3 pm. 

SCHEDULE A COmplimentary consult ONLINE


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