Jennifer McKenzie


Jennifer discovered Crossfit in the Spring of 2006 when some Army Rangers did a few very interesting workouts in the Ft. McPherson gym in Atlanta, Ga. As a wellness coach, personal trainer, fitness director, and clinical exercise specialist she was immersed in an industry that valued quick fixes and a minimalist attitude toward exercise. CrossFit changed her perspective to view training and exercise as a tool to unleash the genetic potential of each individual. Her goal is to incite a paradigm shift away from that which places value on aesthetics, body weight, and trendiness to an build a community of athletes that train for maximum physical and emotional benefit.


MS, ACSM, CrossFit Level 4, CrossFit Olympic Lift, Crossfit Kids


Jennifer is a Level 2 CrossFit Certified Trainer and Crossfit Olympic lift certified.  She maintains her Clinical Exercise Specialist certification through ACSM.


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