About Us

Making Connections Through Fitness

Our Mission - Building Positive Forward Momentum

The kind of momentum that starts with fitness and flows out into every aspect of your like.  Momentum that is built over a lifetime of small steps forward towards Mastery.


We are a growing community of athletes and coaches who want to be more fit mentally and physically than the day before.  Hyperformance Athletics supports an open source model where coaches, athletes, and the community are encouraged to give feedback so that we can improve continuously.

Company Overview

Crossfit Hyperformance was established in 2008 and has evolved to a place where members receive both private and group coaching that meets them at their current level of fitness.   Our athletes are doctors, business owners, teachers, firefighters, moms, and everything in between.  Our coaches are teachers at heart and have been trained in both Crossfit and sport conditioning.  Our culture is growth oriented.  The road to athleticism is long and we're here to walk it with you.

Crossfit is Our Tool

To date Crossfit is the most effective training program that we have found to fulfill our purpose.  The workouts are challenging both mentally and physically.  Crossfit keeps you guessing. It employs movements that benefit any individual and scales intensity to meet any fitness level.  It allows you to keep growing.


We are Crossfitters and we love this sport.  We love the way it makes us look and feel.  We love the confidence it brings knowing that we can meet the demands of life. If you are brand new to crossfit please also check out www.crossfit.com and head over to their getting started page.


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