• Jen McKenzie

Workout of the Day July 9, 2014

Bhakti during Open WOD 14.4 showing some great finish of the pull form: elbows back and low, slight 30 degree lean back, handles at sternum level and neutral gaze.

Iso/Stab- Child’s pose, moose antler, downward dog series 2 x through Skill Transfer- 10 x 100m Sprints ( first 5 to get loose ) rest 45sec between

WOD- Stations for max effort: 20 secs work / 40 secs rest 4 sets of Row Sprint 4 sets of 10 meter run shuttle 4 sets of max TTB *You will do all sets at one station and then rotate to next station

#july #wod #sprints #row #shuttlerun #ttb #rest #work #childspose #mooseantler #downwarddog #skilltransfer #100m #activerecovery

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