• Jen McKenzie

Workout of the Day August 12, 2014

Warm-up- Really focus on shoulders today. If you can incorporate Bullet Proof Shoulders, then do it.

Iso/Stab- Alternating reach pillars 4 x 45 sec

Gym- 3 x max time flexed arm hang (jump to get your chin over the bar) on the pull-up bar *** for folks that can’t do this then they have a flexed ring row hang

Strength- Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5 @ 2020 work up to a heavy 5 under tempo

Skill Transfer- Power Snatch Warmup (thacker or burg coach’s choice) working up to workout weight


For time:

30 Power Snatch for time (weight should be moderately challenging)


5 Strict Pull-ups

Cash out:

Max HR Push-ups in 2 min

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