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Community Updates Jan 19, 2015

Saturday's 11:00am New Class Debut was nothing short of awesome!

We are coming off a high after last week's workouts. "Loredo" was especially fun to do and coach. I'm not sure exactly what has gotten into this community but it's awesome. All the energy and finishing together mentality has really had an impact this week. So keep it up!

It can be a little awkward at first to cheer for someone you don't know well after you finish your workout. Shoot even we do know someone it can be a little wierd if you dont know what to say. It does get easier! If you find yourself unsure of what to say, try this. Get down on the floor and finish that last push up or burpee together. Go do the last run. Sometimes you don't need to say anything at all.

This week's programming is geared to towards prepping your metabolic engine for the opens. You'll see strength work consisting of movement complexes and EMOMs. There will Gymnastics skill work every day to challenge your position and establish better movement patterns. The workouts are meant to be constantly moving this week and fast and we will be scaling accordingly.

Remember you are welcome to stay up to 45 minutes after class to work on the skills listed on the skill board. You can do more than 1 one if there are multiple areas you'd like to work on. For those of you that like to come in early. Go ahead and roll out, grab a lacrosse ball or PVC pipe, and start prepping for the workout - you'll be more ready than if you just sit or stand around.

This week we've got box jumps and double-unders skill clinic. Two movements you are sure to want to get down! Learn how to double under without doubling over and some box jump strategies for speed and accuracy (btw in the opens, there are more "no reps" on box jumps than any other movement).

Saturday morning there is also a nutrition for performance skill clinic. Note that performance and weight loss are two very different goals and nutrition for each are very different.

Here are all the upcoming skill clinic days and time:

Box-jumps / Double-unders - Tues 1/20 6:30pm

Nutrition for performance - Sat 1/24 10am

Row / Burpee technique - Tues 1/27 6:30pm

Snatch - Tues 2/3 6:30pm AND Sat 2/7 10am

Ball Shots / Push ups - Tues 2/10 6:30pm

Strategy Roundtable - Tues 2/14 10am

Ground To Overhead - Tues 2/17 6:30pm

Strategy and misc skills - Tues 2/24 6:30pm

Also just around the corner:

Self-defense Seminar (part 1) with Alex will be held again for everyone who missed it the first one. The cost is $25 CFHP athletes / $30 public. This is a great seminar for both men and women. Two times are offered, Thursday 1/29 @7pm and Saturday 1/31 @11am. Please register online to reserve your spot.

Crossfit Opens registration is now Open! Go to games.crossfit.com. This year the Opens feature a scaled and RX division. Sweet!

If you missed this post by Coach Caleigh, it's a gem: Why I just signed up for the 2015 Crossfit Open

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS IN MARCH! Save these dates now. Our community is coming together to do the open workouts each week as a CFHP family. Look forward to working out alongside folks from other classes, cheer for your friends, help judge, and hang out afterwards.

World's Best Boot Camp bring a friend day - Valentine's Day Feb 14th 10:00am. If you know someone that would like to see what this is all about, they can come to this PT session as our friend. Or you can even come and check it out with them as support. Invite them to the Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1616841578545595/

That's it for now. Thanks for reading and thanks for being awesome.

Keep up the great training.

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