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Community Updates: June 8, 2015

June 8th

High Five for this crew in representing CFHP and USA in the PanAm Masters Weightlifting Meet this past weekend. John Mesaros, Laura Bligh, Krista Owens, Karen Voss, and Drew McKenzie. Krista crushed a few world records and then some. Check out Drew’s Facebook page for pics and videos of these lifts. https://www.facebook.com/drew.mckenzie.33

Food As Fuel 30 day Challenge starting June 20th.

Are you in a cooking rut? Eating the same old thing every week, or worse just eating whatever? You know you need to get back on track?

Join us on June 20th for a 30 day intentional clean eating challenge. You’ll eat lots of good nourishing food, learn some new skills in the kitchen, and hold yourself accountable for 30 days.

The buy-in for the challenge is $30, with half going into a winner’s pot. Participants take the challenge as a team of 2 - so you need an accountability partner. Your partner can be another athlete or a friend or family member (both partner’s must sign up and buy-in). If you don’t have a partner, you can still register and we will pick one for you.

Sign up online: https://hyperformance.sites.zenplanner.com/sign-up-now.cfm

Summer Kids Classes have started off strong! Elementary (rising 1st - 5th) and Middle school students meet Mondays and Wednesday at 9:15 during the summer. There are no Saturday kids classes during the summer. Kids classes are 10 for $100 or $150 for the summer (June and July).

Upcoming events

Troop 010 Graduation Day - Saturday June 13th at 12 noon.

Intro to Barbell Skill Clinic - Tuesday June 19th at 6pm.

Food As Fuel check-in - Saturday June 20th at 10am.

Odd Movement Skill Clinic - Saturday June 20th 10am. This is a fun one - tire flips, atlas stones, sandbags and more.

Next boot camp starts - June 27th 10am (no 11am class).

Programming This week:

We are in week 7 of our 12 week strength progression. We’re gonna revisit week 1 this time with a bit more weight, so percentages are a little higher. Be sure to compare your scores to week 1. For those of you that are new and started in the last 7 weeks, use this week to determine your 5RM and you’ll work off those numbers for the remainder of the 12 week cycle.

Workouts this week are meant to be short and 100% effort every day. Make sure you come a few minutes early and move around, mobilize, or work on homework your coach has given you.


  • Your membership includes a monthly skill session with your coach. Skill sessions are scheduled 15 minutes focused on a particular skill you would like more help on. The purpose is to give you extra work to do before or after class to help you meet your goal.

  • Please sign in at the kiosk computer when you arrive to class and log your scores afterward.

  • It’s hot! Proper hydration should begin long before you workout. 90 minutes before is too close and may make you feel sick. So start early in the day.

Have an awesome week and keep up the great training!

CFHP Coaches

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