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Community Updates: January 4th 2016

Happy New Year!

Have you seen the January Update video yet? (One of the best…)


Make sure to #janhype for a chance to win this month.

January Programming - we are totally focusing on WOD intensity. The warm-up is all about getting you ready for the movements in the WOD, and then going as hard as possible. No MODs this month. But lots of extra time at the end of class to work on skills and get with the coaches for some extra help. Make sure to set up your skill session with your primary coach and check out these upcoming skill clinics.

Double-unders - Sat. 1/2 10am and Thurs 1/7 6pm

Pullups - Thus 1/21 6pm and Sat 1/23 10am

CTB pullups and MU - Thurs 2/4 6pm and Sat 2/6 10am

HSPU - 2/18 6pm and 2/20 10am

Schedule Notes - There is no 11am class this Saturday January 9th.

World’s Best Boot Camp Savannah

Troop 014 officially starts on Saturday January 9th. If someone you know wants to start crossfit but feels like they need to “get into better shape first” this WAS MADE FOR them. Spots are going fast. $99 to reserve your space, total cost is $299.

A Few Housekeeping Notes….

Sometimes, It can be tough to find and get to the piece of equipment you need. We’ve organized the equipment in such a way that you can get to it safely. Please be mindful and return the barbells, bumpers, kettle bells, dumbbells, boxes, and medicine balls, back to the same area and spot where you took it from. Someone could get hurt if there is any equipment in FRONT of the plates (clips and small plates, broken plates) that could be tripped over. So please make sure these are put to the side. Last, please remember to take your water bottles and clothing layers with you when you leave. :)

The water cooler is scheduled for maintenance Monday (hopefully replacement….). Thank you guys for your patience. Please continue to take water bottles from the front of the gym as much as you need until we get it squared away.

HyperForm Library

Check out tons of movement tutorials, drills, and mobility ideas in our library of videos on our You Tube page. We love comments on these too. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzgww7BzHE_5lb7xEJEZV1DEM3XXnZB9Y

Stay Limitless!

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