Show and Go Classes

More than ever before, our Savannah community needs fitness.   Real fitness.  

#SweatTherapy is real. 

In order to make real fitness more accessible and affordable HPA is launching a new Show and Go Community Fitness initiative.   Show up and get sweaty. 


We're taking the complexity out and focusing on healthy movement patterns at a smart intensity. 

Easy as 1-2-3:

1 - Sign up.  Currently, the Show and Go Classes are held on Saturdays at 10am and can be purchased as an 8-pack of classes for $145.  Packs must be purchased before the first class. 

2 - Speak up.  After you sign up, one of our coaches will call you to chat for about 10 minutes about your workout experience and goals.  

3 - Show up.  30 minutes before your first class for a brief orientation and tour. 


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