Are you ready for Oly-Centricity?!

Let me get you excited about where we are going with one of my favorite commercials.

Awesome, right?!

The next 6-week focus is (in Drew's words) "Oly-Centric."

"We are working towards developing core competencies, confidence, and strength in the Oly Lifts (clean & jerk and snatch) while still maintaining strength."

Excited? Me too!

Because these faster lifts are more complex, it's difficult to make progress unless you practice more frequently. Over the course of the next 6 weeks you'll see more drills, skill clinics, and practice opportunities for the Olympic lifts, helping you to really get a handle on these movements. Both beginners and advanced Crossfitters will see improvement.


Learning the Olympic Lifts not only helps to develop speed and power, but also assists in learning to generate core to extremity movement patterns, the ability to change direction, absorb an impact, and maintain balance. All things that leak over into other Crossfit movements AND better movement outside the box.

Additionally, you'll see some new gymnastics progressions geared towards building a stronger base for typical Crossfit gymnastics movements (HSPU, pistols, vertical and horizontal pulling).

Don't expect that this means the wods will get any easier - we're focusing on building up aerobic and anaerobic capacity with more frequent intervals and EMOMS.

So let me get back to the Olympic Lifts for a second...

I want you to know where we are headed, so that you can get the most out of the next 6 weeks. You're not going to see as much 1RM work as you will lots of lighter, technique work.

Our template for the next 6 weeks will go something like this:

  • Base lifts 4 days a week following a Wendler-esque progresison (these are back squat, bench press, deadlift, front squat)

  • Gymnastics skill progression 3-4x a week (working towards better positioning)

  • These will rotate days (not every friday bench press...)

  • Skill Transfer Exercises 3 days a week.

  • Wednesdays more aerobic recovery days.

What's a skill transfer exercise?

STE is an exercise that takes components of the full oly movement and develops a piece of it. If the pieces are proficient, the whole should be better. Specifically you can use the STEs to work on particular weak areas of the clean and jerk or snatch. You'll see movements such as...

  • snatch grip deadlifts (to strengthen the lift off)

  • 3-position movements (to reinforce alignment)

  • high pulls (to work on speed in the middle)

  • snatch drops (to work on getting under the bar faster)

  • some other movements to develop hip power (ball shots, YES).

Tips to get the most out of the next 6 weeks...

1 - Speed is king. Go lighter in order to train to move faster. Focus on snapping the bar into place.

2 - Practice good reps.

3 - Get a good pair of flat shoes.

4 - These movements are more neurological in nature (it taxes more of your nervous system). You are developing better motor pathways. Slightly up your fish oil intake to assist with myelination of the nerve fibers for faster, more coordinated movement, in addition to assisting in recover.

5 - Get a good night sleep - your body develops these motor pathways in your deepest stages of sleep. Length of time isn't quite as important as quality of sleep. A good magnesium can be really useful here. If you want the finer details of how nighttime recovery works, check out this video.

6 - Take advantage of these skill clinics, all are 10am, please rspv through zenplanner/Events page:

  • Saturday July 12th (core-a-palooza) all the core drills we've been doing that caused the PR Board to go ape sh*t.

  • Saturday July 19th STE for the snatch.

  • Saturday July 26th STE for the clean.

7 - Invest in a custom jump rope. Yup - you'll be seeing more double unders in the next couple of weeks.

8 - Take advantage of your monthly skill sess with your roster coach. This 15 minute appointment is the perfect chance to have your coach video your movement and play it back. The goal is to give you a couple of nuggets that you can put to practice before or after class. Email your roster coach to set up a time (it's included in your membership!). I'm ready for the next 6 weeks to get underway. As always please don't hesitate to ask if you have questions. Show up to go up!

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