Upcoming Events

Aug 1st - Whole30 Nutrition Challenge starts. (Packets available at the sign in desk).

Aug 2nd - CLASS TIME CHANGE - All Levels Class this Saturday is 8am (instead of 9am). The World's Best Boot Camp Savannah Troop 005 graduation will be at 9am. Please stay to celebrate the grads!

Aug 4th - Competitors class times begin (See details below). 12:30 class is now competitors program only.

Aug 9th - 3rd Annual LOW COUNTRY CLASH for Active Heroes. This is a fun, low-key throw down. Rx or Scaled. Get a team of 2 male and 2 female together and register before Aug 4th. Cost is $40. Cash prize for the winners and all remaining proceeds go to Active Heroes.

Aug 9th - Skill Clinic - Introduction to Barbell (Squats, Presses, and Deadlift). $5 to benefit Active Heroes. Please register online. Open to the public.

Aug 16th - CLASS TIME CHANGE - 9am All Levels Class is Pushed Back to 10am for WBBC Troop 006 Enlistment Day.

Box News

We hope you've enjoyed the 2 weeks of classes. Some of you might have noticed that there weren't as many announcements at the start of class and that we've been wrapping up class with a post-wod huddle. This is on purpose! We want to start off with more energy and wrap up on a high note. So from now on, announcements will be limited to the most important / urgent stuff so that we can get right down to business of talking about the workout and warming up! You don't want to miss the warm up, right?

We understand that different people like to consume their updates and announcements in different ways - some would like an email, some want to see it on a blog post, watch a video, or facebook, or in person in class. Therefore - this weekly navigation will be an email we send out to our athlete community. It will also be a blog post that will live on our webpage, and filed under featured posts so that you can reference it. And finally we'll put an abbreviated version on our facebook page.

(A note about Facebook is funny in that if you don't interact with our page on a regular basis it assumes you don't want to see our posts and the announcements won't show up in your news feed. So if you want to see posts that way - go like or comment on something we've posted recently. )

So here's your first weekly navigation!

2 - T-shirts!

It's time to bring in some more color to the box. We know you guys love to represent CFHP out and about - but ordering new designs to sell at the box is a very large upfront expense. You can help by pre-ordering your shirt online. Additionally CFHP alumni Chris Spurlock is growing his family's business, Southeast Impressions, to provide shirts for Crossfit boxes. CFHP is beta testing this process before they roll it out.

You can pre-order your shirt now through Aug 1st and they should arrive in time wear at the Low Country Clash.

or from your mobile device,

3 - Competitors Class starting! For those who want to compete and are committed to being part of the advanced team. Therefore basic movements should be well developed. The criteria for inclusion the competitors class was sent out in an email last week, but you can also find it here. The programming for the Competitor Class is mutually exclusive from the regular CFHP programming (you cannot switch back and forth) and athletes in the competitor program can only come to the competitor classes. Athletes must have an unlimited membership to participate in the competitor class and test into the class through Drew.

4 - The 3rd Annual Low Country Clash is in full force with teams registering everyday. We also need volunteers and judges. If you wish to volunteer please contact Julie at or if you wish to judge please contact drew at Last don't forget that included in your membership is a monthly skill sesh with your primary coach. It's the perfect time to shore up a weak area before the Rise of South in a month! Contact your primary coach to schedule an appointment.

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