Competitors Programming Starts Aug 4th

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On August 4, 2014 CFHP will be rolling out the re-vamped Competition Program.

Our goal: To send a team to the 2015 SouthEast Regionals for the Crossfit Games.

The times for the class are as follows:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday @ 12:30pm until 2pm

Monday, Thursday, and Friday @ 7:30pm until 9pm

Saturday will be scheduled

Wednesday is a required recovery day (you will be asked to do different tasks)

Sunday is complete rest.

The programming for this class is inclusive. Athletes can do the regular CFHP programing only or the competitors program only, but cannot switch back and forth.

Who can apply- Any current CFHP athlete with an unlimited membership. CFHP athletes can test into the class at any time. This must be scheduled with Drew.

Please, if you want to compete in the sport of Crossfit, schedule a tryout. Once in the Competition class, we will be training for competitions. You will be asked to compete in both team and individual competitions. Understand our level of seriousness when it comes to commitment to the team. Have a talk with your family about this before you join the team.

We have found people that are successful in competitive Crossfit need to have certain capacities in several areas. While, this is still a “class” there is a level of expected capability.

Requirements: 90% (14/16) Competency in the events listed below


20 Burpees in 1 min

Rope Climb- men seated start legless x 1/ women legless on the way down x 1

Toes to Bar- men x 20/ women x 10

Handstand Push-up- men x 10/ women x 5 with 1 AbMat

Muscle-up- men x 3/ women x 3 with small band

Weight Lifting-

Back Squat- 1.5x BW

Shoulder Press- .75 BW

Clean and Jerk- BW

Snatch- .75 BW

Push Press- men 75lbs x 15 reps/ women 55lbs x 15 reps

Ball Shots- men 20lbs x40 reps/ women 14lbs x 20 reps

Met-con400m Run- men 1:25/ women 1:35500m

Row- men 1:35/ women 1:50

Double Unders- men 40/ women 20

Benchmark WODs

Fran- men 4:00/ women 7:00

Grace- men 3:30/ women 6:00

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