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Workout of the Day August 11, 2014


Iso/Stab- Captain Morgans 5 x 5 each side (these are done super slow)

Gym- Low Side to Side Squats (incorporate these into the warm-up) at least 20 total reps

Strength- Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5 @ 31x1 work up to a heavy 5 while holding the tempo

Skill Transfer- Light push press test. Put some weight on the bar 45-95 lbs. Perform 15 unbroken repetitions. Rest 1 min. Do 15 more. Rest 1 min. Do 15 more. Done.



Row 150m

Max Rep TTB in 20 seconds

Run 100m

Max Rep Sit-up in 20 seconds

REST 90sec between rounds

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