Workout of the Day August 13, 2014


Aubrey looking ready to PR.


Iso/Stab- 4 way deadbugs into home position hold 4 x 45 sec >> 30 sec

Gym- Muscle-up transition work if you have time

Strength- Bench Press 5-5-5-5-5 @ 31x1 work up to a heavy 5 under tempo. Yes, that 1 second pause is on your chest.

Skill Transfer- Clean thacker or burg warm-up getting ready for the WOD


Alternating EMOM 16 min (15 max effort movement followed by rest)

Power Clean x 15 secs (rest 45) weight is athlete/coach choice

Ring Dips x 30 sec (rest 30 sec)

5 Meter Sprint x 15 sec (rest 45 sec)

Weighted Step-ups x 30 sec (rest 30 sec)

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