Row Like A Royal

Things that might go through your head during a row on a Concept 2 rower:

What is this thing?

Clearly I sit here...but now what?

Ah, grab this and YAAAAAAANK!

Okay, maybe less yank.

Alright, pull with my arms. That's why there's a handle, right?

Why does my butt always pop off?

Why is the guy next to me counting under his breath?

There are SOOO many numbers on the screen. Why isn't the screen bigger. There isn't even a single full word on this screen.

Why are my knees always in the way!?

Okay, I can breathe. This isn't so bad. How about if I go FASTER.

Nope. Can't breathe anymore.

How long are we rowing for again?

Man my calves and quads are burning already!

Seriously though, that guy keeps counting to 4 over and over again.

Wait, what's the lever thingy set to...9?!?! ...I don't even know what that means.

I feel like I'm working so hard and not getting anywhere. Why does Brad always beat me off the rower?!

Okay, almost there.

Drive? Coach, what does "drive" even mean! I'm not in a car. You know this, you told me to get on the rower.

I'm gonna really crush the last couple meters. Like war-cry crush it. Throw my head back and grit my teeth until a lion's roar escapes my belly!!!


(falls out of seat with feet still strapped in)


Maybe next time I'll just go for a run....

If any of these thoughts are familiar to you, Coach Caleigh wants to help. Like REALLY wants to help. She could talk about the rower for hours, so we've given her ONE hour to get really nitty, gritty with you on some row technique. She'll explain the Concept 2 rower, positioning, strategy and how to find preferable, maintainable paces. Join her this Saturday, August 30th at 10AM. A birdy told us you'll get some awesome hands on experience and walk away with an awesome row workout under your belt. (She promises it's not a 2k row!)

Further food for thought:

10422145_10154441110635134_985665180206482733_n copy.jpg

Meredith is an athlete that has arguably some of the best movement patterns in the gym. Here, her catch position is pretty damn good while her finish could use some improvement and tweeks. Do you notice anything in the finish position (bottom picture) that could be adjusted? If an athlete with great movement patterns could still improve on her row form, couldn't you?

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