Weekly Announcements 9/22


Stephen and Tom get some upside down practice. Please say hi to more new faces: Marti G, Jourdan Z, Jim B, and Eli A!

Upcoming Dates to Note

  • This Saturday All Levels class will be held at 8am (not 9am) for the WBBC Graduation Day. Please stay after class and cheer on the grads!

  • Saturday October 4th - Barbell Skill Clinic, 10am. This is an overview of all the barbell movements together.

  • Wednesday October 8th - Running Efficiency Skill Clinic 7pm - 7:30pm.

  • Wednesday October 15th - Advanced Pullup Skill Clinic 7:30 - 8:00 PM (must have strict pullups)

  • Saturday October 18th - Gym closed for Werktober (see details below).

  • Saturday October 25th - Warriors For William 5K & Ft. Stewart Warrior challenge (normal schedule at CFHP)

Box News

Track your workout in ZenPlanner. Now in addition to reserving your spot for class, seeing your past attendance, and updating billing info, you can use your zenplanner account to track your workouts. Under the "Calendar" tab click on the class you attended (it only works if you checked in) and then fill in the fields. Please make it public (only our athletes can see it) as that allows your coaches to also see your progress.

You can do this at the kiosk computer at the box. Or you can log-in to the mobile site: www.hyperformance.zenplanner.com (iPhone users, If you are prompted to save the mobile app to your phone say yes.)

WErktober - It's time to give the box a little facelift and get some maintenance done at the same time. The gym will closed on October 18th for some improvement projects. If you can paint, build, hammer, clean we would love for you to be a part of it. (Loud music, pizza, and beer, and Drew's goofy antics may or may not be involved). See the sign up sheet above the computer if you can help.

We start at 7:30am.

ALWAYS A WARRIOR SHIRTS - CFHP is very proud to partner with Limitless Athletic Apparel and the Warriors for William Foundation to present the limited edition WFW T-shirt. We will take pre-orders through the end of this week. For those of you who didn't know, William Webb is the nephew of our very own Doyle Kelley Here is a little background:

Warriors for William is a nonprofit organization to raise money for cancer research which was inspired by William Webb and his fight against neuroblastoma.


William Webb was a 4-year-old warrior who bravely fought a disease called neuroblastoma, a very rare pediatric cancer that is often difficult to diagnose. Roughly 700 new cases of neuroblastoma are diagnosed each year in the United States. On March 8, 2013, William began his fight against stage IV neuroblastoma, a diagnosis given when solid tumors have spread to two or more areas of the body or vital organs as well as bone marrow. Children who are battling this disease are given the most aggressive treatment that their little bodies can possibly tolerate – some of the most grueling therapies to treat any cancer in children OR adults – in the hopes that they will be cured, but the published odds for beating this cancer are simply not good enough. William fought a war that many children do not win, and gained his precious angel wings on February 5, 2014. In his honor, and on behalf of all children who battle cancer, we, his family and friends, will not live without fighting for a cure, without hope, or with the fear of failure. It is the combined efforts of all those involved with our cause that will help us to achieve victory against childhood cancers. Please consider partnering with us in helping to fund the research needed to find a cure for neuroblastoma and other childhood cancers. William continues to teach us all, again and again, the most simple and profound lessons in life: to live each day with hope, to love without condition, and to thrive in our own way, despite any challenge that we may face. Please join us in continuing his fight, so that no child has to live a life with cancer.

Our heart go out to the families affected by this horrific disease.

To get a shirt you can EITHER write your name on the pre-order board at the gym (charged to account on file) OR purchase directly online. Here is the link to the shirt: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Limitless-Athletic-Apparel/319815304856314?sk=app_189977524185

World's Best Boot Camp Troop 007 Starts Saturday October 11th. This is a perfect opportunity for friends or family that want to start crossfit but are either a little intimidated or want to get in better shape first. The 6 week camp covers movement, nutrition, intensity, accountability, and prepares enlistees to be part of our crossfit community. Cost is $249. See Jen for details.

Programming this week

This week we are focusing on axillary movement patterns to strengthen the Olympic lifts (more pulling, overhead squads, behind the neck push press) as well as bringing back gymnastics skill work. You'll also see a bit more isometric and shoulder stability work post-workout. Make sure you stick around post-wod for the cashout, AND OF COURSE - to cheer on the rest of your class.

Keep it fun, keep it fast!

Your CFHP Coaches

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