Workout of the Day October 1, 2014


You might have noticed that we rarely post hero WODs. These WODs hold a special place in the heart of the gym. We do them to honor the fallen. We do them to lift up those around us. CFHP was asked if a select few people could do a hero WOD today. We thought it most appropriate to allow the whole gym to join in. Melissa, we love you want to be there for you in your day of rememberance. We do this WOD to honor your husband, Lance, who was taken too soon. As I searched for a picture, I came across this one. Too many sons lost. Too many husbands taken from their families. Too many fathers not making it home for a game of catch. Not only do we honor Lance, but EVERY soldier who has given their life for our country.


5 Rounds

15 SA KB Swings Right

15 SA KB Swings Left

15 Lunge Steps (KB in right)

15 Lunge Steps (KB in Left)

Run 100m (200m, 300m, 400m, 500m)

Each round the run increases by 100m.

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