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Announcements! Week of October 13th


Week of October 13th

Upcoming Dates to Note

  • Wednesday - 7:30 - 8:oo pm Advanced pull up clinic. We are working on efficient gymnastics kips, butterflies, and chest to bars. You must have strict pullups to attend this clinic.

  • This Saturday -WERKTOBER! There are no classes (there will be a kids class held outside)

  • Also this Saturday Crossfit Steadfast is hosting a Barbells for Boobs Pullup fundraiser at World of Beer from 7pm - midnight. Would love to see some CFHPers respresent.

  • Sunday November 30th - Goble Games hosted by CFHP. more details coming soon.

  • Saturday December 13th - CFHP Holiday Party

Box News

WERKTOBER! We've got a handful of projects up our sleeves and need your help. We'll crank up the tunes and get to work painting, moving stuff around, servicing equipment, etc. If you can help at all please indicate it on the sign up sheet (so we can plan the projects). There are no classes (there will be a kids class held outside)

Office hours for Skill Sessions. As a CFHP athlete your membership includes one skill session a month. This 20 minute session is to work on any skill you want extra help on. To get the most out of it contact Jen, Drew, or Caleigh ahead of time with the specific skill you want to work on so we can come prepared and bring our A game. We will hold office hours (remember back in college?) that are the same from week to week on a first come first serve basis. This doesn't mean you can't schedule a different time, but this time we've allotted to specifically be available for athletes at the gym and nothing else.

These times are:

  • Drew: Fridays 9-10am

  • Caleigh: Saturday 8-9am

  • Jen: Wed 9am - 10am and Monday 4-5pm

Guest Passes - CFHP athletes memberships include unlimited guest passes for friends and family. You can give 1-time passes to as many different people as you would like. A few guidelines to remember:

  • only bring one guest at a time

  • we can scale almost anything, but do check the workout on the website. If it's run a 5K when your friend can't run, they should probably come another day.

  • guests MUST arrive at least 10 minutes early or will not be able to take the class.

If you ordered a blue or yellow CFHP shirt on facebook a while ago, they will be in this week. If you missed it, don't worry, we have extras for purchase.


This week we are back to working on stability under load with some tempo work. Using the tempo during the lifts will increase core strength.

Keep up the great training and stay limitless!

The CFHP Coaches

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