Veteran's Day November 11, 2014

Two of CFHP's finest veterans. Thanks to all servicemen and women for their commitment to our country and each other.

Thank a Veteran today!

Warm-up: Achilles, shoulders, and hip focus

Iso/Stab: post wod max time weighted plank



Skill Transfer/Oly: 3 position pause snatch pulls (shins, knees, hips) x 5



9 minute AMRAP 100-meter sprint 11 sit-ups 11 air squats 100-meter sprint 22 sit-ups 22 air squats 100-meter sprint 33 sit-ups 33 air squats

*add 11 to the sit-ups and air squats for each additional round

2-minute rest and reflection followed by

9 minute AMRAP 100-meter sprint 11 pushups 11 box jumps (RX 24”/20”) 100-meter sprint 22 pushups 22 box jumps (RX 24”/20”) 100-meter sprint 33 pushups 33 box jumps (RX 24”/20”)

*add 11 to the pushups and box jumps for each round

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