Workout of the Day December 2, 2014


Genina rocking out the Gobble Games

TRAVEL WOD: Death by Pushups and Squats. 1 push-up AND 1 squat in minute 1. 2 and 2 for minute 2. So forth and so on until you cannot complete the given task in the minute.

Also this Wednesday is our Block Party Business Network Event so no afternoon classes.

Thursday and Friday are Bring a Friend (BAF) to Crossfit Days.


ISO/STAB: Post WOD- 3 x max time weighted back ext hold

Strength: CAT Back Squat 5 x 5 70% + 5lbs




AMRAP in 15 min

Run 400m

20 KB Swings

15 Pull-ups (CTB)


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