6 Tips for visiting other Crossfit Affiliates this Holiday Season


One of the best parts about the global crossfit community is the cool factor of checking out other affiliates when you travel. Whether you are new to crossfit or a seasoned CFHPer you'll benefit from the experience of visiting other crossfit gyms. You might hear a different coaching cue or see a different perspective that creates that light bulb moment. So...if you plan to check out another box or two while you're on the road, here's 5 quick tips to make it a great experience.

1 - Use the map.crossfit.com These are OFFICIAL Crossfit Affiliates.

2 - You can learn alot from a quick scroll through each affiliate's webpage. Is their site full pics of their own athletes? Are they smiling and sweating? Or is every blog post a meme or stock photo? (this could mean you would be working out by yourself...fail.)

3 - Our friends at Crossfit Long Beach offer some advice on What To Look for in Crossfit Affiliate: http://www.crossfitlongbeach.com/checklist-choosing-crossfit-gym

4 - Call and confirm their hours and visitor policy. Every box has a different visitor policy, and their holiday hours may be different than what is on their website. (Plus most owners really appreciate the gesture).

5 - Let us know! We can recommend affiliates in the place you are traveling too. You can also put your membership on hold in week-long increments (remember no retro-active holds through). Email works best.

6 - Be cool. Introduce yourself to folks you don't know. Cheer folks on to the end. High five everyone. Bring a little piece of our CFHP community with you wherever you go.

Be Safe, Have Fun! Keep up the great training!

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