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Happy New Year!

We hope all of you had a safe holiday. Many of you are making your way back to the gym this week. Remember no PM classes on New Years Eve (Wed) and only 1 mega class at 10am on New Years Day. Look for the workouts to be a little longer and more endurance based this week and next. We are taking a short break from the strength MODS this week and next to allow for some longer warmups and skill work. All of this is intended to assist getting you ready for the Crossfit Opens around the corner.

Because so many of you will be taking on the Opens, some for the first time :), our skill clinics for the next two months will focus heavily on movements that have consistently appeared. Everyone is encouraged to attend as many skill clinics as possible. Some will be more basic in nature and some more advanced.

These are free for CFHP athletes, and $25 for non-CFHP athletes unless otherwise stated...

Goal Setting and Nutrition overview - Sat Jan 3rd (free to the public as well) 10am

CTB / MU clinic - Tues 1/6 6:30pm (advanced, you should have pullups and ring dips)

Pullup / TTB clinic - Wed 1/7 6:30pm (basic, anyone can attend, not recommended if you have a shoulder injury)

Push Press / Thruster - Tues 1/13 6:30pm

Muscle-up - Saturday 1/17 10am

Box-jumps / Double-unders - Tues 1/20 6:30pm

Nutrition for performance - Sat 1/24 10am

Row / Burpee technique - Tues 1/27 6:30pm

Snatch - Tues 2/3 6:30pm AND Sat 2/7 10am

Ball Shots / Push ups - Tues 2/10 6:30pm

Strategy Roundtable - Tues 2/14 10am

Ground To Overhead - Tues 2/17 6:30pm

Strategy and misc skills - Tues 2/24 6:30pm

There are also a few special events going on in January and December you don't want to miss:

Bring a Friend Day! Thursday Jan 8th and Friday Jan 9th. Anyone is welcome to be your guest for BAF days, even if they've come to a BAF day or have come as a guest before.

WBBC Enlistment Day January 10th 10am - noon. A great way to start your crossfit journey. For 6 weeks we focus nutrition and stamina and technique and camaraderie! Cost is $249 and meets Tues/Thurs 6pm and Saturdays at 10am. If you would like to volunteer to help with Enlistment Day we could use you, contact Jen.

Self-Defense Seminar -this was so much fun last time, Alex is doing it again. This is a repeat of part 1 for those that missed it. We are offered two different times: Thursday January 29th at 7pm (condensed) and Saturday January 31st from 11-2. Cost is $25 CFHP athletes and $30 public, sign up via zen-planner. Everyone should know this stuff! Look for parts 2 and 3 coming soon.

Spring Open Powerlifting Meet Feb 28th. This was a crazy fun event to watch last year as some of the strongest men and women from Georgia set new PRs and state records. Because this totally transforms the gym, and requires a good bit of set-up there will be no 6:30pm class the Friday night before.

This is a packed email right? Bear with me - it gets better.

There is one more opportunity for all of our CFHP athletes that we would love to see you take advance of.

We believe that the stronger our community - the fitter people can become. Our competitor class has been working so hard over the last 6 months and has grown in strength, skill, and mental fortitude. They have truly mastered how to push themselves and each other. Over the holidays and the times when the competitors have taken All-Level classes, we've seen their leadership really rub off on everyone. We want not only for this to continue, but also to give everyone the opportunity and time to work on skills and extra conditioning outside of class. Over the course of the next few months we are progressing towards a class model that would allow you time before and after class to do this. (Christmas week was a little experiment).

As you stay in contact with your coach you'll be guided with individualized homework or programmed skill work that you can do during this time based on your goals.

Implementing this will require some engineering of resources - equipment, space, and coaches as well as some trial and error. It will be rolled out in multiple stages over the next few months. We'd love to hear your thoughts, concerns, and feedback during this process.

As of now, we encourage you to stay for up to 45 minutes after class. In the next few weeks, you'll start to see prescribed extra work appearing on the boards in the front of the gym based on goal categories - strength, gymnastics, or conditioning to do on your own (or even better with a buddy or two). Or feel free to mobilize, stretch, or work with the iron scap bands.

To keep this from becoming too chaotic and for the safety of all our athletes, please adhere to the following rules:

1 - The current class has priority for space and equipment.

2 - When the current class is starting at the whiteboard, limit distracting noises (talking, dropping weight, etc.)

3 - Do not attempt a one rep max unless programmed.

4 - Do not bench alone, you must have a designated spotter.

5 - Have a plan. Available coaches are happy to give you individual assignments and answer questions, but the priority of the coach teaching class is the class.

6 - Officially, this is not an "open gym" time, as you will be taking the class before.

New Class - starting January 17th there will be a second class at 11am on Saturdays.

Thanks for reading all the way through! And thanks for being a part of our CFHP family.

Keep up the great training,

CFHP Coaches

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