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Jeramiah looks happy to be here!

Good Morning CFHP Family,

This is a super busy week! Two skill clinics, Bring A Friend Days Thursday and Friday, and Enlistment Day for the next bootcamp on Saturday.

Bring A Friend Day is your chance to show off your skillz! And a ton of fun to boot. You can bring as many friends with you to class, and on these days, if they've come as a guest before, it's okay. Remember, you are their ambassador. Show them the waivers, introduce them to the coach and other athletes, and help them get settled in. They absolutely must arrive 5 minutes before class starts to participate.

Additionally, we are inviting all of you, our athletes, to participate in some extra practice, aka skill development time, after each weekday class. What that means is that on the "Slay Your Dragons" whiteboard (you'll see it...) there will be programmed extra skills to work on. These skills will be broken down into three categories: strength, gymnastics, and core.

Officially, we do not hold "open gym." We are rolling out "extra practice time" slowly over the course of the next few months so that we can work out the kinks as we go. It's important to us to maintain the best possible class environment. For now, we ask that you follow one of the tracks on the "slay your dragons" boards if you stay after class to use this time. Please also be respectful of the class going on. If this works, we will keep it and expand on it! This is a great opportunity to get even more out of your membership, learn from each other, and continue making progress towards your personal goals. As always we welcome your feedback.

You will see the athletes who have been participating in the competitors program for the last few months coming before class to do specific programmed work, then participating in the main class. Having their experience and passion in class is a benefit to the entire community. We're really excited to see where this goes in the next few months.

Speaking of the next few months...we are drawing closer to the start of the 2015 Crossfit Opens. This is such a fun and amazing time. More growth happens, physically and mentally, in preparation for and participation in this event than any other time of the year.

And the best news, is that even more crossfitters worldwide will be able to benefit with the addition of a scaled division. Financially speaking, we don't directly benefit from the Crossfit Games. When we encourage you to participate this year, it is because of the benefits that you, the athlete, get through participating. The community also gets stronger as we support each other. So stay tuned for more details to be released (from Crossfit HQ...) and go ahead and save all your Friday nights in March for our weekly FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS event where we will all do the Open workout together. This is will be the only scheduled time we will be doing the Open workouts.

To help you prepare - come to as many skill clinics as possible! And get with your primary coach to strategize a game plan (nutrition, rest days, extra practice, etc. ) specific to you. We love doing this stuff!

Upcoming Skill Clinics (included in your membership, $25 for the public, please reserve in advance at

CTB / MU clinic with JT- Tues 1/6 6:30pm (advanced, you should have pullups and ring dips)

Pullup / TTB clinic with Sean- Wed 1/7 6:30pm (basic, anyone can attend, not recommended if you have a shoulder injury)

Push Press / Thruster - Tues 1/13 6:30pm

Muscle-up - Saturday 1/17 10am

Box-jumps / Double-unders - Tues 1/20 6:30pm

Nutrition for performance - Sat 1/24 10am

Row / Burpee technique - Tues 1/27 6:30pm

Snatch - Tues 2/3 6:30pm AND Sat 2/7 10am

Ball Shots / Push ups - Tues 2/10 6:30pm

Strategy Roundtable - Tues 2/14 10am

Ground To Overhead - Tues 2/17 6:30pm

Strategy and misc skills - Tues 2/24 6:30pm

***Starting January 17th. We are adding a second Saturday class at 11 am! ***

Also happening in January...

Kids classes start back on Wednesdays 3:30pm and Saturdays 10:15pm. Minimum age is 6 or 1st grade.

Self-defense clinic (part 1) will be held again for everyone who missed it the first one. The cost is $25 CFHP athletes / $30 public. Two times are offered, Thursday 1/29 @7pm and Saturday 1/31 @11am. Please register online to reserve your spot.

Programming this week

Programming this week is focused on INTENSITY. We will take a longer warmup and skill work in preparation for an ALL OUT workout. (MODS will resume next week). This is intended to train different adaptations that last week. Last week the workouts were longer and more aerobic based. This week the workouts are shorter and more anaerobic based. These workouts are intended to push you outside your comfort zone and while they are shorter will have a greater hormonal response. Plan to spend some extra time on recovery this week - eating well, getting omega-3s and magnesium, hydrating (even though it's cold outside), and getting a great nights sleep.

Keep up the great training,

CFHP Coaches

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