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Workout of the Day, January 13th, 2015


Start and finish. It's Bhakti's last week with us at CFHP before she heads up North. Be sure to give her a high-five, hug, chest-bump, however you express your "see you laters," because this definitely isn't Good-Bye.


A1) Push Press with a 3 sec hold at the top of each press 3-3-3-3-3 rest 1 min A2) Weighted/strict pull-up 3-3-3-3-3 rest 1 min

WOD: AMRAP in 12 min 15 Snatch (power or full) 75/55 15 Box Jump 24/20 15 Snatch 95/65 15 Box Jump 15 Snatch 115/80 15 Box Jump 15 Snatch 135/95 15 Box Jump AMRAP Snatch 155/105

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