Why I Just Signed Up for the 2015 Crossfit Open

First and foremost, it's fun. I live and breathe Crossfit Hyperformance and yet I'm still willing to pay a little extra money for a couple of workouts? Absolutely. It's fun to see where you stack up worldwide, nationwide and gym-wide. It's fun to look forward to the release of the workouts from week-to-week. In general, Crossfit is fun! This year it's going to be a blast to do the Open Friday Night Lights style and get to eat afterward as a big group. (Not to mention being able to have a beer Friday night without worrying about the Saturday Open WOD…) Every fond memory I have of the Open, progressing or even struggling within movements or crushing WODs, your face is there, you are there. Yes, you. You are my community. You are my people. The athlete in me wants to sweat next to you and be pushed harder than ever because of you. I will do everything in my power and put everything in my training over the past year to make you proud. All I want is your high-five at the end of each workout. Vice versa, the coach in me wants to be the first person to high-five YOU at the end of YOUR workout. I want to be the one yelling at you to get off the floor faster during your burpees and put your hands on the bar. I want to witness your first double under, your first chest to bar, your first muscle up. I want to watch as you progress as an athlete right before my very eyes in a matter of minutes, seconds even. Because that's what the Open does.


One of my favorite images from the Open last year. The Open is an opportunity for growth. Some workouts are tougher than others, in different ways for different people. You learn something mentally about yourself and the people around you. You surprise yourself physically. It's a little intimidating at times which makes it important to revisit your why, your very individual and specific reason for doing the Open. Is it of a competitive nature, recreational or perhaps a mixture? Maybe you're just curious. All are complete and valid reasons. There are many firsts that happen during the Open. With the changes that are occurring this year [read here] there are going to be firsts for all of us participating whether or not we've done it in previous years. It's new territory. It's unknown. It's exciting. It's very much like an unlocked door. Unless you walk through it, you may never know what is on the other side. Do know that you'll survive. You will also laugh. In fact, I guarantee that. Regardless of your reason for signing up for the Open or participating in the workouts unregistered, I am happy and grateful for the memories I get to make with you this season. So here's your unlocked door.

Caleigh Crossfit Reebok Games Website

Previous Open workouts (Keep in mind there will be a new scaled division this year.) Register here

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