Community Updates Week of January 26th


It's gonna be a great week!

Here's what's happening THIS WEEK...

Row and Burpee skill clinic tonight (Tuesday) @6:30pm. 2 movements that you can "get by" knowing nothing about, but master these and you'll be crushing some wods. Come ready to have some a few new knowledge bombs blown up.

Self Defense Seminar (part 1) w/ Alex. Thursday at 7pm and Saturday at 11am (two time options, same curriculum). Spaces are limited, please reserve online at Cost is $20 for athletes / $25 for the general public.

Nutrition for performance skill clinic - learn what and how much fuel you need to perform your best during the opens or any other competition. Performance and body composition are different goals and require different strategies. Much of the advice overlaps, but please note that this is different than advice we give to lose weight.

Save these dates!

  • Snatch clinic Tuesday Feb 2nd AND Saturday Feb 7th.

  • Ball Shot and Push up Skill Clinic - Tues Feb 10th

  • Bros and Babes Valentine's Day Workout- Sat Feb 14th 9am - 10:15am

  • Open Strategy Roundtable - Sat Feb 14th 10:30am

  • World's Best Boot Camp Bring a Friend Day - Valentine's Day Sat Feb 14th 10am (@ park behind Candler)

  • Ground To Overhead strategy - Tues Feb 17th

  • World's Best Bootcamp Graduation Day - Sat Feb 21st (no 11am class)

  • No 11:30am class Tuesday Feb 24th - we will be closed from 9am to 12 noon to host a business seminar for affiliate owners. There will be a 12:30 pm class for all athletes.

  • No 6:30 pm class Friday Feb 27th

  • No classes Sat Feb 28th - CFHP is hosting the Georgia Spring Open Powerlifting Meet all day Saturday. The meet is sold out, but athletes are encouraged to come volunteer or spectate. Contact if you wish to volunteer.

Bros and Babes Valentine's Day Workout

A little different than our regular Saturday programming....

3 fun mini workouts with co-ed partners chosen at random. Spots will be limited, so get here early. Workouts are for fun and will run on the honor system with no judges. Free for CFHP athletes and $5 for the public. Optional raffle buy-in too!


There is a party in box - EVERY Friday night this March. ALL ATHLETES are welcome to join us as we celebrate the Opens with community, food, and fun. We will be doing the open workouts in heats. You can participate, judge, volunteer, or just cheer on your crossfit family to give their best. To compete, you must register There will also be a final FUN heat for any athlete that wants to play but not have their score validated. There will not be regular 4:30, 5:30, or 6:30 pm classes Friday nights in March.


This week, as well as the coming weeks programming is geared towards increasing work capacity specifically in preparation for the opens. You'll have the opportunity to work some movements that have shown up in the Open in a time domain we have seen before. MODs will link together Olympic movements (complexes). There will be larger sets on the strength movements to challenge and improve structural integrity through the midline. Not doing the Open? You'll find this programming to challenge both your stamina and strength. Since the opens really test fundamental crossfit movements you'll have the opportunity to really work on the basics.


  • track your progress! Whether you like a hand-written journal or using zenplanner for free at the gym - make sure you log your weights and benchmarks somewhere safe.

  • CFHP athletes may bring a guest with them to any class for free. Please arrive at least 5 minutes early to fill out a waiver and introduce them to the coach. Once a guest has come once, they will need to do a free Intro and become a member before coming again.

  • Keep up the cheering! The energy at the end of each class has been increasing every week as we ask you to stick around when the workout is over to finish together as a class. Can we step it up even one more notch? If you are waiting for your class to start while the class before yours is finishing, go ahead and cheer them on too (and vice versa:) Thanks to our competitors for showing us how it's done.

Keep up the great training CFHP fam!

CFHP Coaches

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