Community Updates Feb 16th, 2015


I am so excited today for some reason!

Maybe it was the energy of our coaches when we all had our meeting last night (yes, we do that every Sunday night BTW), or planning out the upcoming Friday Night Light events, or maybe it was just having a slew of kids joining the grown-ups to warm up at 11:30 today.

Whatever it was there is a lot of great stuff about to go down in the next couple of weeks.

So before you go any further reading...grab your calendar because you might want to write some of this down.

Please note these class time changes

No 11am class this Saturday due to WBBC Graduation

7:30 am class on Tuesday 2/24 will be a 30 minute class due to Affiliate Owner Seminar

11:30 am class on Tuesday 2/24 is moved to 12:30 due to the Affiliate Owner Seminar

No 6:30 pm class on Friday 2/27 to set up for Saturday

No classes Saturday 2/28 at the gym, but we will hold a workout at the park at 9am (details below).

Friday Night Lights - an event for the Entire CFHP family. If you are doing the Opens, you will get more positive energy than you've ever seen. If you are not, you will get more positive energy than you've ever seen. Wait....yeah, I meant to say that.

We've got a surprise up our sleeves that will be released later on this week. So stay tuned. In the meantime, please make sure that you go to our facebook event page and click the "GOING" button. All our updates and announcements will be posted there.

The first FNL event will actually be held on Sunday March 1st at 2pm. (due to the Powerlifting meet on Feb 28th)

Remember that to participate in the Open competition you must register through, not through our gym.

If you do the open workout or the fun heat during the Friday Night Lights event it does NOT count towards a class for those of you on a 2 or 3 times per week membership. BONUS WOD! :)

World's Best Boot Camp Savannah graduation will be taking place on Saturday at 10am.

If you come to workout at the 9am class, please stay for a few extra minutes and cheer on the troop as they run into the gym to retest their bootcamp baseline. The next Troop starts on March 7th and is already half full. Please let your friends know, reservations are taken over the phone only. 912-349-0813

Upcoming skill clinics

Tuesday 2/17 6:30pm - Ground To Overhead Skill Clinic

Thursday 2/26 5:30 pm - Barbell Basics an intro the barbell movements all in one class so you can learn what is what and the common elements for these movements. Perfect for new Crossfitters.

Georgia Spring Powerlifting Meet will be taking place on Saturday February 28th. There will be no classes at the gym that day. This is a fun event to come watch. It sold out in less than a day! Volunteers are needed! Sign up here:

Park Workout Saturday Feb 28th - The Powerlifting Meet will be happenning at the gym that day BUT we still want you to get your WOD on. So we will meet at 9am at Forsyth Park.

ALSO in February our own house chiropractor Karen Voss will be giving away 14 free consultations and x-rays to 14 NEW patients in exchange for canned goods to be donated to Second Harvest Food Bank. To schedule an appointment call Skidaway Chiropractic at 356-5886.

Programming -

This week's MODS will revisit some Oly EMOMS to really hunker down on technique work. We revisiting 2014 Open workouts. If you submitted a score last year, feel free to go back and pull up your profile so you can compare this year to last years. Seeing that growth happen is what it's all about, right?

Alright guys, make this an awesome week. Spread the energy, AND

Keep up the great training!

My best,

Jen and CFHP Coaches

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