Community Updates: March 9, 2015

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15.2 in the books!! 2 down, 3 to go!!

Community Updates!

Monday March 9th, 2015

A few things to look forward to this week:

Gymnastics basics with JT- Wed night 6:30pm. Please let us know you are coming by signing up ahead of takes two seconds through zenplanner. The cost is $30 to the public, but it's included in your membership. A few weeks ago we had an overview of barbell movements, and this skill clinic will cover and organize the common elements of non-barbell movements (pulling, pushing, rings, handstands...and how they are all related).

Friday Night Lights - is on again this week! But this time we have a ST. PATS THEME! So make sure to wear your team jersey, but also something green. We are asking the 11:30 class to help with bringing food (Rachel D is the ambassador organizing this week).

Remember, there are No PM classes Fridays in March. Doors will open at 3:45 First heat will begin at 4:30. Everyone is welcome to attend and participate or cheer, eat and drink!

  • based on the workout and equipment needed heat times will differ from week to week.

  • Please reserve your heat time in advance. We will do our best to get it up as early as possible, noon at the latest. Keep an eye out for further instructions.

  • Check-in time is 30 minutes prior to your heat or we may give it to someone else.

  • Floor layout may differ from week to week as the workouts change. Warm-up area and spectator areas may change as well. We appreciate your flexibility!

The deadline to submit your score at is TONIGHT at 8pm. We will then validate them on Tuesday.

Next week - St. Patricks Day - The gym will be open for 2 hours from 6am - 8am for those of you that want to get a workout in before the day's festivities. This will be a coached open gym format with a programmed warm up and workout - just less structure to allow folks to come in an out. Please be finished by 8am.


You'll continue to see some common combination of movements found in the Open plus some extra fun skill work Thursday (pistols). We are still taking care of your hands Monday. Tuesday will feature specific open combination and is suggested day to come for those of your competing. Thursday is a partner workout and Friday is open prep (but also a great day for beginners to get a little extra coaching).

Important - you'll see this week a little more volume of jumping (double unders and box jumps), which could ALSO show up Friday night. A lot of you have also recently discovered double unders. If you are on a roll with double unders, but haven't been doing many, please be honest with yourself. Once you get the rhythm and timing, it's suddenly possible to double or triple the number of reps in your workout. That's cool, but not necessarily the smartest thing as it can lead to some nasty achillies and lower leg tentinitis. Please be smart about ramping up the volume over time. This should be over the course of multiple workouts with sufficient recover time between.

Some red flags to look for would be extended (longer than normal) lower leg soreness (front or back), foot or heel pain, pain behind the knee, or ankle swelling. Ice and rest continue to be the best. Tendons and ligaments take much longer to heal than muscle.


  • Come to class early and warm up - run a 400m or row when you get here.

  • Please be sure to log-in at the desk when you come to class.

  • Log your workout into zenplanner after class - you can use the kiosk or your mobile device

  • CFPH guest policy - you have unlimited guest passes to regular classes. Each person you bring may come one time for free, after that they need to attend an Intro appointment and start a membership.

  • Show your support and snag your Open Jersey before they are gone. These are for our entire CFHP community.

Keep up the great training!

CFHP Coaches

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