Workout of the Day, March 10, 2015

C&J freddie.JPG

Did someone say they wanted to Clean & Jerk? Freddie looking good on 15.1a


15 min to find Heaviest Weight for the complex of

Power clean + push jerk + squat clean + split jerk


10 min EMOM

Odd-7 power clean (135/95 max) + 30 double unders (max)

Even-7 pullups (sub ring rows or CTB) + 7 ball shots

right into

10 min EMOM

Odd-5 Front Squats (same weight as clean) + 30 double unders (max)

Even-5 box jumps (high) + 5 ball shots (heavy)

right into

10 min EMOM

Odd-3 power snatch (same weight) + 30 double unders (max)

Even-3 muscle ups (sub 5 ring dips) + 5 ball shots (heavy)

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