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Community Updates: March 16, 2015


We had some major Muscle Up PR's last week!!

Monday March 16

Happy St. Pats Week!

Please note that there are no classes Tuesday. The gym will be open however from 6am - 8am Tuesday morning for those of you who would like to get a workout in before the festivities. This will be a coached open gym format with suggested warmup, MOD, and WOD. We will close up at 8am.

Please remember to take time to fuel and water yourself before hitting a wod. Do not workout if you are hungover. We love you, but will send you home. If you need a number to call - Jen 224-0406 and Drew 541-0530 as a last resort.

Friday Night Lights - is on again this week! Rachel and the 11:30 crew did an amazing job with planning food! This week the 4:30 and 5:30 classes are in charge of food.

Remember, there are No PM classes Fridays in March. Doors will open at 3:45 First heat will begin at 4:30. Everyone is welcome to attend and participate or cheer, eat and drink!

  • based on the workout and equipment needed heat times will differ from week to week.

  • Please reserve your heat time in advance. We will do our best to get it up as early as possible, noon at the latest. Keep an eye out for further instructions.

  • Check-in time is 30 minutes prior to your heat or we may give it to someone else.

  • Floor layout may differ from week to week as the workouts change. Warm-up area and spectator areas may change as well. We appreciate your flexibility!

The deadline to submit your score at is TONIGHT at 8pm. We will then validate them on Tuesday.

Did you see the video? A HUGE THANK YOU to Stephen Withers for his professional and creative talents in creating a memory of Friday Night Lights. Make sure to check it out:

Coming soon....

"No Pants Party" Spring Bring A Friend Days! (This means wear your cute spring shorts....)

World's Best Boot Camp - Thursday April 9th 6pm

Crossfit - Friday April 17th - all regular classes & Saturday 9am and 11am

Our Bring A Friend Days are a chance for you to show off your progress to your friends and supporters as well as introduce them to Crossfit Hyperformance. You can bring as many friends as you like on these days (if they've been before they are welcome back for friend days). If they can't make the same time as you that's okay too. Just remember that you are their ambassador - show them where to put their stuff, fill out a waiver, introduce them to the coach and other athletes, etc. Classes are programmed for all levels.

Check out the facebook event page, then hit the invite button, to share with your friends.

Self-Defense Level 1 with Alex. Saturday April 11th @ 12:30pm (after Bring A Friend Day!) This is a 3 hour-ish course with a combination of hands on and awareness training. Both men and women are invited. This course is a pre-requisite for Level 2.

Self-Defense Level 2 with Alex. Saturday April 25th @ 12:30. Take your skills to the next level.

April Programming - For most of us, the Opens in March are a capstone event. This is where we see how far we've come in the last year, and pour our hearts and souls into these workouts along with the rest of the world. In April, it's time to hit the reset switch. This is sort-of like a Crossfit new year for us - a chance to evaluate our strengths and weaknesses as well as set some goals for next year. Therefore, during April you will see a little out-of-the-box programming. Here's a little taste of what will be happening and why...

  • Week of April 6th - Virtuosity week. We re-focus on refining form and technique with lighter loads. Many times during a competition environment, form breaks down under intensity, and we need to undo that. Last year we received amazing feedback from this community - Not only in new things you learned, but in how sore you were working with just a barbell (so don't assume it will be easy).

  • Week of April 13th - Assessment week - programming will include 1RMs (or 3 or 5 RMs for newer athletes) and other performance metrics and benchmarks so that we can have a fresh set of data to work with (yes...that means strength progression coming soon).

  • Week of April 20th - Biometrics and quarterly review - we'll be measuring %body fat and other health markers as well as having you fill a self-assessment.

  • Week of April 27th - Check-in week. We will be holding 20 min, 1-on-1 check-ins with your primary coach to review the assessments, biometrics, and goals and suggest some strategy for helping you reach them. You'll be able to schedule this through ZenPlanner.


  • Come to class early and warm up - run a 400m or row when you get here.

  • Please be sure to log-in at the desk when you come to class.

  • Log your workout into zenplanner after class - you can use the kiosk or your mobile device

  • CFPH guest policy - you have unlimited guest passes to regular classes. Each person you bring may come one time for free, after that they need to attend an Intro appointment and start a membership.

  • Show your support and snag your Open Jersey before they are gone. These are for our entire CFHP community.

Keep up the great training,

CFHP Coaches

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