Workout of the Day, April 9, 2015


Virtuosity Week Day 4-Snatches

Core-Captain Morgans 3 x 30s on each side


Burgener Warm-up

3 rds of 5 reps each movement (last round with barbell)

Stance (pull to squat)

Down up (shrug)


Muscle Snatch

Snatch Land (bar already overhead)

Snatch Drops

Then 3 rds of 3 reps of each movement (last 2 rds with barbell)

Snatch Grip PP


Pressing Snatch Balance

Heaving Snatch Balance

WOD-3 to 5 rounds

90s work time/2 min rest

100m Row

5 Power Snatch (135/95 max)

Air Squat Remainder of time

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