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1 RM, 3 RM, 5 RM maxes...OH MY!!!! Get ready for it!

Monday April 13th

Good Morning CFHP family!

It's gonna be a fun 2 weeks programming wise, but a little different than our normal fare.

So please take a second to familiarize yourself with what will be taking place so that you can get the most out of these two weeks.

Starting in May we will begin our foundational strength focus. We will really be emphasizing strength work as well as core strength and stability work in the MODs. Lifting shoes are okay, but all other types of "gear" (knee sleeves, belts, wrist wraps) will not be allowed. As the gym heats up, WODs will get a little shorter. You will still continue to see a variety of gymnastics, olympic lifts, and "cardio" movements in the WODs.

The upcoming strength cycle will be based on your numbers. You will see the MODs calling for a percentage of your 1 RM. This is the most scientific and effective way to program for strength improvements.

THIS WEEK - Therefore we are taking this entire week to test your current strength. Please make sure to track these numbers. You will be referring back to them for next 6-8 weeks. Each one of you has a ZenPlanner account where you can track these. You can pull it up from your smart phone as well as enter your numbers in immediately following the workout at the kiosk computer. Whether you use zenplanner, another program, or a pen and paper journal, you need to find a safe place to write these down.

Here's what we will be testing this week

Mon - back squat

Tues - shoulder press

Wed - deadlift

Thurs - pulling strength

Fri - bench

We are back to regular memberships. Remember, you can purchase an add on 5-class pack if you would like to come more to test this week. AND we are also offering two opportunities for athletes to make up a lift if you miss one. There are two open gym times this week where any member can come and test a lift (this will not count as a class).

Open Gym times to make up a lift will be:

  • Friday 12:30 - 3pm

  • Friday 5:30 - 7pm (please be respectful of the class going on, the class has priority of equipment)

Finally, testing will be based on your recent experience. Athletes who have been lifting for less than 6 previous months (or coming off an injury, or have not mastered a movement) will test a 5RM, athletes who have been lifting between 6-12 previous months will test a 3RM, and athletes with 12 consecutive months or more will be allowed to test a 1RM. It may be appropriate to test a 1RM on one movement and a 3 or 5 RM in a different one. The coach will have the final say.

Next week -

We will test cardio and biometric benchmarks. The biometric benchmarks will include weight, % body fat (using skin fold technique) and circumferences. We highly recommend every to have their biometric measurements taken, however if you would like to opt-out of one or all that is perfectly fine too. Please note, we cannot take skin fold measurements once you begin to workout and get sweaty so this will happen first. Coaches will be available up to 30 minutes before class starts and we recommend coming early to have your measurements taken.

Upcoming Events

  • World's Best Boot Camp Troop 009 Graduation Day. Sat, April 18th, 12 noon. Please hang around after the 11am class Saturday to cheer on your future crossfit buddies as they graduate from our 6 week camp.

  • Barbell basics seminar. Thursday April 23rd, 6:30. This clinic will cover the fundamentals of the squat, press, and deadlift. It is highly recommended for new crossfit athletes or those wanting to train outside the gym on their own. It is open to the public ($25) and free for CFHP athletes. Please RSVP online,

  • Self-Defense part 2. Saturday April 25th 12:30 - until. Open to those who have taken a self-defense part 1. Please RSVP online,

  • World's Best Boot Camp Enlistment Day, May 2nd, 12 noon. Registration is still open, for our next 6-week camp. Tuition is $249 and includes 2 Live PT sessions, at home bonus workouts, nutrition strategy, and supplement advice. At the end of 6 weeks, troopers are more than prepared to take on crossfit or the next level of their fitness journey. $49 deposit required for Enlistment Day, please call to reserve a space, 912-349-0813.

  • BEACH WOD Saturday May 9th. Please join us at North Beach on Tybee for a fun workout in the sand. The workout starts at 10am, (arrive by 9:45). Feel free to bring your family and friends. There will be no regular classes that day.

  • Memorial Day Murph - Monday May 25th 9am. This is the only class this day.

Skill Clinics will be back in full swing in May as well. Stay tuned.

Have an awesome week and keep up the great training!

CFHP Coaches

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