Community Updates: April 20, 2015


A big Congratulations to WBBC Troop 009!

Monday April 20th

Congratulations to all our new Crossfit HP athletes that graduated from the World's Best Boot Camp this past weekend. Make sure to say hello to Ada, Marcella, Bertha, Rick, Julie, Jackie, and Yvonne! Also, congrats to our winner, Nikki, who lost 9.5 inches overall and took over 3 minutes of her baseline test (and won $200)! Nikki was one of many who saw dramatic improvements on Saturday!

I Would like to second just to say thank you to all our athletes that brought friends during this past bring a friend day. Showing your trust in us and excitement for the community and programming by bringing a friend with you to class is really the highest compliment. I hope they all enjoyed it!

Congratulations to all our PRs last week during 1RM testing! We are working with ZenPlanner to be able to allow you to log any score any time. But didn't realize that this option wasn't available. Please be sure to continue logging your results immediately after class at the kiosk.

This week we are moving on to cardio test week. Additionally we are testing biometric measurements for those of you that want them (% body fat) and will be performing the functional movement screen during class all week.

Taking percent body fat measurements will mean a little different start to our classes. Please keep in mind the following:

  • It takes about 5 minutes per person to measure.

  • At least one coach will available up to 30 minutes before class starts. Please come early.

  • You can mobilize, while you are waiting, but do not start a warm-up. It's much harder to get a good measurement when you sweaty.

  • We will have a class warm-up written on the whiteboard for after your measurements are taken.

  • You have all week, if you don't have the chance to measure on Monday or Tuesday it's okay.

  • For the sake of time, your scores will be tallied after class.

Here is some more information of FMS for those interested:

Coming Up This Week

  • Intro to Barbell Basics. Thursday 4/23 at 6pm. Please RSVP. This class will cover the commonalities of all the barbell movements as well as the each one specifically so you know exactly what is what when you come to class. We teach these movements in a group format with light weight (PVC pipe or empty barbell) with a focus on proper technique and core stability. This class will cover deadlifts, front squat, back squat, and overhead squats, and shoulder press, push press, push jerk. Keep a heads up for Barbell part 2 which will cover the faster Olympic lifts (snatch, clean and jerk). This is recommended for anyone just starting out and included in your membership ($25 for non-members).

  • Self-Defense Part 2 with Alex Saturday 4/25 at 12:30pm. Please RSVP. Taking the basics to the next level...this hands-on training will build confidence and awareness.

Coming Soon

  • Enlistment Day for the World's Best Boot Camp Savannah will be taking place at Crossfit Hyperformance from noon - 2pm. Please see our page if you know someone that would like to start crossfit, but thinks they need to get in shape first. This is for them.

  • Beach WOD - Saturday May 9th at 10am at North Beach (get there at 9:45). There are no 9am and 11am classes that day! Feel free to bring family and friends to workout with us.

  • Memorial Day Murph. A CFHP family tradition to honor our military. There will be ONE class at 9am on Memorial Day, May 25th. While Murph is a long workout, it is scalable for all levels so please come be a part of it. You can knock it out on individually or create a partnership and knock it out together.

On behalf of the coaches and our community - I would like to thank Laura Bligh for all the time, sweat, and love she has poured out on us over the last year. Laura will be moving with her family to Virginia this week. Her last class will be Tuesday 11:30 and we would like to encourage our community to come. Afterwards we're headed out to lunch at Kayak if anyone would like to join us. There is no 12:30 competitors class on Tuesday.

That's it folks. Keep hitting it hard and getting back up. Make this a great week.

CFHP Coaches

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