Community Updates: June 15, 2015

Who’s that person spying on class?

Here at Crossfit Hyperformance we are striving to help athletes build positive forward momentum in the lives. But it’s not just for athletes, but our coaches and community and everything CFHP touches. Over the last couple of weeks more than a dozen of your peers have stepped forward to take the next step towards learning to coach through our Instructor Training Program (ITP). It’s all about continuing to grow and we applaud these guys for taking the opportunity to challenge themselves. Prepare to see new faces learning how to coach. Our instructor training class will be observing, assisting, and leading classes over the net 6 weeks. We appreciate your support of them in advance!

Please welcome our new Crossfitters!

This past Saturday we had 20 graduates of the World’s Best Boot Camp Savannah - collectively they lost over 49 inches, took minutes off their baseline time, felt what intensity should feel like, and learned to be awesome teammates. 10 of them have already started their Crossfit HP membership and more will be taking a trial class on Wednesday. Please make sure to welcome our beginners by introducing yourself before class and learning a little bit about them.

iSquat Tanks are here!

If you pre-ordered an iSquat tank please be sure to pick it up Monday or Tuesday. We ordered a couple extra of each size in case you need to switch it out. After Tuesday however we will sell the extras for those of you who want one. Cost is $25.

Food As Fuel 30 day Challenge starting June 20th.

Are you in a cooking rut? Eating the same old thing every week, or worse just eating whatever? You know you need to get back on track?

Join us on June 20th for a 30 day intentional clean eating challenge. You’ll eat lots of good nourishing food, learn some new skills in the kitchen, and hold yourself accountable for 30 days.

The buy-in for the challenge is $30, with half going into a winner’s pot. Participants take the challenge as a team of 2 - so you need an accountability partner. Your partner can be another athlete or a friend or family member (both partner’s must sign up and buy-in). If you don’t have a partner, you can still register and we will pick one for you.

Sign up online:

Just want some awesome tips and recipes? Make sure to follow our nutrition blog, because you can’t out-train a bad diet.

Upcoming events

Intro to Barbell Skill Clinic - Tuesday June 19th at 6pm. (this will last a little longer than regular skill clinics and will introduce the points of performance for back squats, front squats, overhead squats, shoulder press, push press, and deadlift).

Food As Fuel kick off and check-in - Saturday June 20th at 10am.

Odd Movement Skill Clinic - Saturday June 20th 10am. This is a fun one - tire flips, atlas stones, sandbags and more.

Next boot camp starts - June 27th 10am (no 11am class). Know someone ready to jump in? Reservations must be made over the phone. Have them call us at 912-349-0813 (different than the main gym number).


  • Please sign into every class you attend.

  • Hydrate well before you come into class. Make sure to bring a water bottle with you (and take it home). You need to drink more than those little cups, and creates a lot less wasted.

  • Lost and found is getting full. Take a second to look through in for forgotten treasures.

  • Log your scores this week into Zen Planner at the attendance kiosk immediately after class.

  • Keep being awesome.

Yours in the Pursuit,

CFHP Coaches

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