Community Updates: July 6, 2015


(July 6th)

Schedule Changes this week

Please note there will be no 6:30pm class this Thursday and this Friday. A number of coaches will be heading to Orlando Thursday - Saturday to attend a conference and continue our education. You might see a few of our Instructors in Training stepping up to coach a class or two. We know you’ll give them your full support! We’re looking forward to bringing back new ideas for you.

Programming this week (and next…)

We are coming to an end of our 12 week linear strength cycle. This week will be a tapering week. Tapering is a decreased volume in weight and reps which allows for your muscles to rebuild. We are doing this in preparation for next week in which we will be re-testing 5-, 3-, or 1-rep maxes on the lifts. Tapering doesn’t mean we won’t do anything. While you will see lighter weights to allow for recovery this week, you will still be pushing intensity during the workouts and focusing on skills.

Then what? Following next week’s 1 RM testing we will start a 5-week Wendler strength progression. About half of our athletes have done Wendler before a saw huge results. Knowing your number still remains really important. Please plan to get in as many 1 RM tests next week as possible. Expect coaches to prioritize some movements over others. In other words, if you miss an important movement we may change the MOD to have you make it up.

Skill Clinics

Are a great way for both new and seasoned athletes to build a broader foundation and hone their skills. We’re really excited about the skill clinics coming later in July and August. Remember, as an CFHP athlete these are included in your membership. Please sign up in advance at

Deadlifts - Thurs 7/16 6:30 pm with Tracy

Gymnastics Basics - Tues 7/21 with JT

Handstands - Thurs 7/23 with Sean

Snatch Drills - Thurs 7/30 with Krista

Self Defense - Sat 8/1 with Alex

Save the Date!

Our next BRING A FRIEND DAYz will be at the end of the Month.

World’s Best Boot Camp Bring A friend Day - Thursday July 30th at 6pm at the park behind Candler.

Crossfit Bring A Friend Day - ALL Classes Friday July 31st

We need your help!! We are in need of some non CFHP athlete test subjects who will be willing to help our ITPers get more comfortable with intros. If you know someone who has wondering about our gym, please let us know.

And of course we will have a Thank You gift for their time!

Be Limitless!

CFHP Coaches

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