Community Updates: July 13, 2015


July 13

Welcome to PR week. Drew says, “Make sure you are ready and writing down your PRs. There are gonna be plenty this week."

During the summer our focus is getting stronger. That’s why you have seen a lot of back squats, presses, and deadlifts in the MODs. You’ve been working hard these last 12 weeks during this linear strength progression. So this week we’ll measure progress with 1-RM testing. Preparing for a 1-RM takes longer, especially if you are a strong lifter. If you need more time to to mobilize and get warm, feel free to come in a bit earlier. This will allow more time in class to lift. Come well hydrated. These tests will also greatly tax your neuromuscular system. That means that even though you don’t feel sore, expect for power output and speed to decline. Recovery is super important this week.

Following the 1-RM testing week we will continue progressing absolute strength via a 4-week Wendler cycle.

Thank YOU!!!

A big shout out to Doyle, Karen, Alex, Tracy, Avery, JT, Kelly, and Skye for helping us out while we we gone. We’re pretty excited to bring back some new techniques and insights we gained the last few days at the National Strength and Conditioning Association annual conference. It’s also great to see that what we’ve been doing at CFHP is still cutting edge and common sense at the same time. Thank you to all the folks that stepped it up this weekend!

Skill Clinics

Are a great way for both new and seasoned athletes to build a broader foundation and hone their skills. We’re really excited about the skill clinics coming later in July and August. Remember, as an CFHP athlete these are included in your membership. Please sign up in advance at

Deadlifts - Thurs 7/16 6:30 pm with Tracy

Gymnastics Basics - Tues 7/21 with JT

Handstands - Thurs 7/23 with Sean

Snatch Drills - Thurs 7/30 with Krista

Self Defense - Sat 8/1 with Alex

Save the Date!

Our next BRING A FRIEND DAYz will be at the end of the Month.

World’s Best Boot Camp Bring A friend Day - Thursday July 30th at 6pm at the park behind Candler.

Crossfit Bring A Friend Day - ALL Classes Friday July 31st

Let’s crush some PRs this week!

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