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Community Updates: August 17, 2015

It's going to be a PR week, y'all!!

Get ready to ring that BELL!!!!

Aug 17th

Okay it’s strength testing week. We’ve spent the last 16 weeks building a foundation of strength. This is the week to show off what you can do. Come in early, warm up, you’ll have plenty of time to do a 1- or 3- RM in the lifts. Shoes, knee sleeves, wrists wraps, weight belts are all allowed. After this week our next cycle of programming will be focused on Olympic lifts. There will also be a gymnastic bench mark workout this Fri to see where you are currently. A gymnastics focused cycle will follow the Olympic cycle so expect to see more gymnastics movements leaking into the MODs. Go heavy.


The World’s BEST Bootcamp is starting again this Saturday. We’ve got 7 spots left and would love to fill up this camp! WBBC Savannah is perfect for your friend that keeps talking about trying Crossfit - but feels like they need to get in better shape first. In 6 weeks WBBC troops master fundamental body weight movements, build stamina, learn to fuel their workouts, and discover how to work as a team. Cost is $249. Reservations can ONLY be made over the phone so pass along this number - 912-349-0813. Thanks for your belief in us!


We’re excited to announce a few changes and new times that will begin on Monday, Aug 31st. Both am classes are pm classes are affected. Please take a second and watch the announcement:


For all our skill clinics please RSVP in advance through

Thurs Aug 20th 6:30 pm - Beyond deadbugs - Rx Abs with Caleigh (ALL Levels)

Thurs Aug 27th 6:30 pm - Double-unders with Jen (ALL Levels)


SAVE THE DATE - Friday Sept. 18th - Our Annual Athlete Appreciate Day as we celebrate 7 awesome years. Just come prepared to be surprised.

  • All bags and belongings should be taken to the back cubbies or stored below the cubbies.

  • Come on time, especially if you have an injury or concern than needs to be addressed. It’s better for everyone to discuss it with the coach BEFORE class starts.

  • Please sign in at the iPAD kiosk when you arrive.

  • If you arrive late, we reserve the right to bump you to the next class.

  • Use stained sweat towels if you are wiping off equipment or the floor (below the regular pile)

  • Check Lost and Found! Contents will be taken to Goodwill Tuesday (TOMORROW)

Welcome new athletes! It seems funny, but August is typically busier than January in our box. Folks are eager to get back into a routine after the summer months. Please continue to introduce yourself to folks you don’t know before class, there are lots of new faces.

Good Luck to our competition team re-testing this Saturday. Give it all you’ve got.

Stay Limitless,

CFHP Coaches

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