Community Updates: September 8, 2015

September 8

Good luck to all our athletes competing this weekend at Crossfit Boro for the Rise of the South Competition! There will be individuals competing on Saturday and teams of 4 competing on Sunday. All athletes are encouraged to come cheer and be inspired.

A few scaled teams are in need of a substitute person, and individual spots recently opened from the event. Check the Crossfit Social Club Facebook group for team requests if you’d like to participate. for more details and movement standards. "Rise of the South Competition” page on Facebook for announcements on open spots available.


This week we will continue our focus of improving our Olympic Lifting technique. You’ll see percentage work for Oly lifts (snatch and clean and jerk) that will allow for building a good technique base. Expect to see workouts that are short but allow for full effort and high intensity (remember force*distance/time for physics?). Focus on getting outside your comfort zone on the workouts this week.

Kids Classes

Crossfit Kids are back in action! Kids in 1st through 5th grade will meet on Wednesday afternoons from 4:00 pm to 4:45 pm. All kids need to have an adult guardian fill out a waiver prior to or at their first class.

The current cost for a kids 10-pack of classes is $100 ($80 if parent is a CFHP athlete).


Friday Sept 18th - Athlete Appreciation Day. Yes, it’s a party for you. All day long. But especially in the evening. We want to see all our athletes on this day whether you attend a class or just swing by. We have a gift for all of you. There will be no 7pm class, so that we can have a party in it’s place.

Friday Sept 25th and Saturday Sept 26th - Bring A Friend to Work (out) Days. Please visit our Facebook event page. This page is the perfect platform to share and invite your friends and family that are amazed by what you do everyday. The class is free for your friends both days. Please come with them and introduce them to the coach and other athletes. You are their ambassador for class.

Saturday October 24th - The Monster Meet. Totally for fun and to give all our athletes the chance to retest your max Snatch and Clean and Jerk in an Olympic Meet-style setting. The event is free, but advanced registration required. (coming soon). Costume optional. There will be no classes on October 24th.

Saturday November 14th - The Gobble Games, second helping. This is a local throw down, hosted by CFHP, for teams of 4 (2 men and 2 women). Registration coming soon. Spots are limited. Sponsorships available.

Skill Clinics

Free for members, $30 to non-members. Skill clinics are hands-on workshops to enhance your experience as an athlete. We recommend attending as many skill clinics as possible as a new athlete, and invite seasoned athletes to further refine their skills. Topic vary. Want to see a topic, let us know!

  • Intro to Clean&Jerk and Snatch Tuesday 9/8 6:45 pm with Drew. for athletes that are new to Oly lifts. Get the basics down.

  • Row, Row, Row Your Boat Thurs 9/17 at 6:45 with Rachel Dacks. Think you know all there is to rowing? Think again. Fine tune your stroke and learn what the damper setting and SPM really mean.

  • Intro to Gymnastics Tues 9/22 at 6:45 with JT. Master body weight movements by mastering the basic gymnastics positions. Great for all levels of athletes.

  • STRONGMAN - 9/24 at 6:45 with Drew.

  • Intro to Nutrition with Robbie and Leigh - 10/1 at 6:45


  • Your primary coaches are available for quarterly goal review and check-in. Make an appointment today to get the most out of your training.

Stay Limitless!

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