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Community Updates: September 21, 2015

Bring A Friend days are right around the corner!!

This week is gong to be AWESOME. Benchmark on Tuesday - be there. Bring A Friend Days Friday and Saturday.

If you missed us on Friday for athlete appreciation day we have a gift for you, just ask a coach.

Bring A Friend Days Friday and Saturday (aka look like a Bada$$ in front of your friends day…)

Thursday 8/24 - WBBC Bring A Friend Day 6pm (Crossfitters - if you have a friend interested in boot camp you can come with them to BAF day for a fun workout in the park).

Friday 8/25 - All Crossfit Classes

Saturday 8/26 - All Crossfit Classes

You can bring as many friends as you like - even if they have been to a Bring A Friend Day before. Remember you are their ambassador for class. All Guests need to arrive no less than 5 minutes early to fill out a waiver and meet the coach. If they have any injuries or concerns please come even earlier to discuss those before class. Coming on time will be enforced.

Skill Clinics

  • Intro to Gymnastics Tues 9/22 at 6:45 with JT. Master body weight movements by mastering the basic gymnastics positions. Great for all levels of athletes.

  • STRONGMAN - 9/24 at 6:45 with Drew. Learn some odd lifts, play with the new toys. Fun for new athletes and experienced.

  • Intro to Nutrition with Robbie and Leigh - 10/1 at 6:45

Monster Meet - coming October 24th

This is an in-house Olympic Lifting meet (CFHP athletes only). Free for all our athletes, but advanced registration required. This will run exactly like an Olympic meet giving you the opportunity to see the fun and cheer for each other as you PR your lifts.

2015 Gobble Games are coming November 14th

Join CFHP as we host our 2nd annual Gobble Games. There is space for 16 scaled teams and 16 RX teams. Teams are made up of 2 male and 2 female and guaranteed at least 4 GRID style workouts that test your fitness and teamwork. Look for more details coming soon. Volunteers needed. Sponsorship opportunities available.

Athlete Spotlights

Check out Thomas A’s Athlete spotlight. This early riser loves anything gymnastic based and getting to know everyone in class. you’ll never guess who introduced him to crossfit.!athletespotlight/cj0i

Hyperform Video of the Week

Glutes, Lats, and Calves Oh My! Caleigh breaks down a few more stretches to help prep your WOD.

Check out all our hyper form videos for technique, drills, mobility, and some sweet at-home movements. While you are there make sure to like, comment, and subscribe!

Recipe of the week

Peach and Pork BBQ skewers. Snag this one before peaches go out of season. See this and more at our blog.!fuel-your-wod/c11y9


  • Bring a water bottle? Take it home with you too!

  • Pro-shop checkout - please write your first AND last name on our checkout sheet. There are athletes with the same first name and last initial and we hate to charge the wrong person.

Stay limitless!

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