Community Updates: October 26, 2015

New Programming Season starting this week.

One way we help you create positive forward momentum in learning new skills is to focus on certain areas for a period of time. Over the summer we focused on strength and last week finished our focus on the Oly Lifts.

Now we begin a new phase of focusing on gymnastics fundamentals and skills. This means mastering movements that use just your body. You’ll see more hanging, more core work, more body weight pressing, handstands, and jumping in the MODs (in addition to strength work to maintain current levels).

Over the last 7 years we’ve seen that folks who regularly practice body weight fundamentals are quicker to pick up more complex movements, stronger weight lifters, and more efficient in workouts. We know that EVERY SINGLE athlete in the gym has some sort of gymnastics goal. Whether it’s getting that first pulp, muscle, handstand push up, or finally stringing together double-unders. We want you to know that we WILL GET THERE, eventually. For THIS WEEK though all of you are back to basics and working on positional strength that will lead to better movement overall. Our gymnastics skills follow a progression and it’s important to master every step before going on to the next.

This is a great time to meet with your Primary Coach wither in person or on the phone to discuss goals and progressions to help you meet them. Your Primary Coach will assign homework outside of class to help you reach those goals faster. Last, your Primary Coach is available for private 15-20 minute skill sessions. One per month is included in membership.

GOBBLE GAMES are almost here! Gather your team of 2 Men and 2 Women for this amazing day. Workouts are new athlete friendly, quick, test your teamwork skills. You’re guaranteed at least 4 workouts. Spots are limited to 32 teams. Make sure to register before the end of the month to guarantee you receive an event T-shirt.

Volunteers are still needed to work 1/2 or all day. Email to volunteer.

9 AM LAUNCH WEEK. This week the 9am class is FREE for new athletes. So help us get the word out. Anyone coming for the first time needs to arrive AT LEAST 10 minutes early to fill out a waiver and meet the coaches.

Upcoming Skill Clinics please RSVP through ZenPlanner

  • Pre-hab - preventing injury is easy if you know what to do. October 29th at 6:45pm.

  • Goal Setting and Positive Self-Talk (A CFHP favorite!) with Drew. October 31st 10am.

#OCTHype Make sure to get your video in. Submit a short video of you working on a skill that scares you by posting it on Facebook and hashtag #Octhype for a chance to win this month’s grand prize. More details in the October update video:

Please remember to sign-into ZenPlanner for class when you arrive at the gym. P.S. Be on the look out for a sweatshirt pre-order sign up sheet coming out in the next few weeks. the meantime, we have some extra long sleeve, green LIMITLESS shirts for sale ($25). Grab your size before they sell out!!

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