Community Updates: November 30, 2015

The holidays are in full force (ready or not). Staying moving through this season can seem tough at times, but it’s also one of the best ways to deal with stress. And not to mention staying on track despite all the holiday indulgences surrounding us.

The best piece of advice - is that something is better than nothing. Your workout doesn’t need to be perfect, especially if you are on the road. You’re coaches have tons of advice on what to do while traveling or even at home if you’re short on time. So check in with your coach this month. Set a goal for December. We’re here to help you keep up that momentum you’ve built all year long.

Some cool things happening around the gym:

THIS Saturday is the Savannah Bridge Run! We will have a regular schedule at the gym, but encourage our athletes to participate in this fun local event. If you do - make sure you represent CFHP!

Holiday Head Start - have a buddy thinking about starting Crossfit in January? They can get a head start now. The Holiday Head Start series is 4 classes that will teach all the various crossfit movements and explain the philosophy as well. Each week adds on to the last and everyone starts on Dec. 5th.

December Open House (formerly known as Bring A Friend Day) - A twist on our classic Bring A Friend Day!! Classes on Friday Dec. 11th and Sat Dec 12th are free and open to the public just like our Bring A Friend Days are. But additionally we will have special gear packages, a nutrition workshop, squat workshop, tons of free information to stay healthy through the Holidays, and more.

CFHP BASH - Let’s party! December 12th, 7pm, at Katie and Ben Neufeld’s House. No kids. No workout clothes. Just an awesome community, fun, and good times.

PROGRAMMING THIS WEEK - We’re continuing on with progressing our gymnastics skills through hanging, working on false grip, support holds, handstands, beat swings, and more. Developing these fundamental movements will give you skills that carry over to more complex movements. Workouts are short and intense with a benchmark girl on Friday.

Reminder! If you are going out of town you can put your membership on hold for up to 2 weeks per quarter. Hold requests must be made IN ADVANCE by emailing your primary coach. We do not do retroactive holds.

Let’s crush December!

CFHP Coaches

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