Community Updates: December 14, 2015

THANK YOU to our amazing community for such a great event on Saturday night. Pics coming soon! Please remember to thank your ambassadors when you see them in class for all their hard work (before AND after the shindig.) A special thank you to Katie and Ben for opening their gorgeous home to our crazy crossfit family. And for those of you involved in the secret gift to the gym....I don't even know where to start. But thank you.

Krista is going to WODAPALOOZA! Look for a special edition bad mama-jamma shirt to be released in the next few days...all proceeds will go to funding the trip and registration. This competition is qualifiers only and Krista will be next to some of the fittest in the world in the highest Elite division.

Speaking off kick-ass comp team - our girls swept the podium this past weekend at the Brunswick Fitness Festival and our guys took 1st place. They competed with gyms from all over the Low Country. We are so proud to have the comp team represent CFHP.

New Athlete Intros

December is actually a pretty busy time of year for the coaches. There are lots of potential new crossfitters checking out our community and coming in for Intros. If you see an intro happening feel free to come introduce yourself, but please be conscious of the little bit of space we need to do the intro and that the coach may not be available at that moment to answer questions. As always, if you have friends or family that are interested in being a part of our community, either for Crossfit or the next World's Best Boot Camp, they should call the gym to schedule that free appointment with a coach. Email and messages lead to double booking so please call.

WORLD's BEST BOOT CAMP Troop 014 begins again on Saturday January 9th. The cost is $249 if registered BEFORE December 24th. After that date the price increases to $299. WBBC Savannah is a 6-week program for those starting or returning to fitness with daily accountability, live PT, at home workouts, nutrition and supplement advice, a positive supportive team. Registration is over the phone ONLY, 912-335-3615.

*new* January Nutrition Challenge. Get in the Zone. This challenge is open to all CFHP athletes and is unlike any challenge we’ve done before. We are focusing on bringing balance back to the way we eat - leading to better hormone levels, reduced inflammation, improved performance, mental clarity, and of course shedding extra weight.

This challenge is 100% ZONE. You will be weighing and measuring food based on your zone prescription and following the guidelines for 30 days. You’ll get support and accountability from our awesome community and coaches. The first 50 people that register for the challenge will receive a food scale, bottle of fish oil, and notebook.

If you are considering joining us for the challenge, mark your calendar for Thursday Dec. 17th at 6pm for a pre-challenge huddle. We’ll explain the philosophy behind the ZONE, explain the rules of the challenge, accountability groups, and answer questions.

Here's your link to sign up:

*******Holiday Schedule Updates ***** There are some changes from last week's announcement.


Mon - normal schedule

Tues -normal schedule

Wed - limited: 6:15, 11:30, 5:45

Thurs - limited: 6:15, 11:30

Friday - closed

Saturday - regular


Mon - normal

Tues - normal

Wed - normal

Thursday - no evening classes

Friday - Limited - TWO CLASSES: 9am and 4:30

Saturday - normal

Please note on Saturday Jan 9th there will be NO 11am class due to WBBC Savannah Enlistment Day.

Programming This Week - it's all about intensity. Attack the workouts in a way that gets your outside your comfort zone. Hold on to the bar for one more rep, shorter breaks, keep moving. Scale accordingly so that you can keep intensity high. We're gearing up for the Opens.

Reminder - your coaches are available for a 15 min 1-to-1 skill session per month. Make sure to talk to your primary coach and set up a time to meet soon.

Stay Limitless,

CFHP Coaches

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