Community Updates: December 28th, 2015

2015 is coming to an end and for CFHP community it’s been a great year. I’d challenge each of you to take some time to reflect on things that went well this year and things that you want to improve for the next.

One of our core values is continuous improvement. It’s cycling through analyzing what is working and what could be better and making small changes towards improvement. This cycle of feedback and action, when repeated over and over will lead to great progress. It’s important to understand that perfection is enemy of continuous improvement and progress. It’s so tempting to set a resolution - I’m never eating sugar again - on Jan 1st. Many of us know how this turns out.

So as you look back on 2015 and forward to 2016, what is one area of your health you wish to make progress on? Your primary coach can help you take steps towards that goal and give you the feedback you need to keep moving forward.

Make sure to get up with him/her this week.



Mon - normal

Tues - normal

Wed - normal

Thursday - no evening classes

Friday - Limited - TWO CLASSES: 9am and 4:30

Saturday - normal

January 9th - no 11am class

Upcoming Skill Clinics

Based on feedback from you and our ambassadors, we are changing the skill clinic schedule a bit. For January and Feb there will be a skill clinic every other week, offered at two different times. The two times will allow for more athletes to attend and the “off week” will allow athletes to get with their primary coach to work more on these specific skills.

Remember skill clinics are included in your membership. Some are more basic and some more advanced, but we encourage all our athletes to attend as many as they can. We are always learning new ways of teaching and refining movement.

All the movements covered in these skill clinics we are anticipating as being part of the Crossfit Open. The clinics will cover learning progression, movement efficiency, and strategy in a workout.

Double-unders - Sat. 1/2 10am and Thurs 1/7 6pm

Pullups - Thus 1/21 6pm and Sat 1/23 10am

CTB pullups and MU - Thurs 2/4 6pm and Sat 2/6 10am

HSPU - 2/18 6pm and 2/20 10am

PROGRAMMING THIS WEEK - Drew says it’s super fun. We’ll start this week with a benchmark workout on Monday and end this year with a bang. Have fun this week and think about how far you’ve come in 2015. The Crossfit Open is right around the corner!



Troop 014 officially starts on Saturday January 9th. If someone you know wants to start crossfit but feels like they need to “get into better shape first” this is for them. Spots are going fast. $99 to reserve your space, total cost is $299.

Get in the Zone Nutrition Challenge. This challenge begins January 2nd and is open to all CFHP athletes and their family. It is unlike any challenge we’ve done before. Based on the principles of the Zone, we are focusing on bringing balance back to the way we eat - leading to better hormone levels, reduced inflammation, improved performance, mental clarity, and of course shedding extra weight.

This challenge is 100% ZONE. You will be weighing and measuring food based on your zone prescription and following the guidelines for 30 days. You’ll get support and accountability from our awesome community and coaches. The first 50 people that register for the challenge will receive a food scale, bottle of fish oil, and notebook. The cost is $45 for an individual and $80 for a couple (receive 1 food scale)

(If you are signing up for two people, please select the $80 option, but only register one name, otherwise you will be charged twice).

Commandment 6 - Track your progress

We're making it easier than ever to track your training and now you have both digital and hardcopy options. Digitally all our workouts are entered into ZenPlanner. As an athlete you can log-into your account and log workouts that you've done at the gym, keep notes, track your strength data, and see changes over time. Every athlete received a welcome email with a generated password, but please see a coach if you need it reset.

For those you who just love writing things down our new WOD BOOKS are here! We are so excited for these as they feature space to track benchmark workouts, goals, strength numbers, and daily entries. They are available for purchase in the retail store for $25 plus tax. Just in time for the New Year!


As the gym gets busier we get bogged down with gym bags, water bottles, layers left behind, and equipment out of sorts. Please remember that this is a place for everyone to come get the best hour of their day. Space is a premium and keeping things organized really helps make class flow best. Please remember the following...

  • All belongings should go in the cubbies.

  • Do not leave water bottles on the fridges, desks, or shelves - your condensation will ruin someone’s wod book.

  • Throw away trash - cups, athletic tape, etc.

  • Put dirty gym towels in the dirty towel bin.

  • Replace equipment to the same spot you took it from.

THANK YOU for being attentive to your stuff and helping to care for the gym.

Stay Limitless!

CFHP Coaches

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