Community Updates: January 11th, 2016

Hey gang!!

Friday Night Lights are coming!

The next few months are some of the most exciting in the Crossfit World! It’s Open Season. aka, Christmas for Crossfitters.

CFHP will again be participating in the Crossfit Open. 5 workouts in 5 weeks to test your fitness. Last year Crossfit HQ introduced a new scaled division which helped make this event even more inclusive for all levels.

In conjunction with the Open - CFHP hosts it’s own event titled Friday Night Lights. Here’s a peak at some of last year’s awesomeness…. (scroll down for videos)!friday-night-lights---2016-open/ciwf

This year Friday Night Lights will be see some changes and improvements. One major change is the addition of a intramural feel. Each athlete will have a home team. You’ll earn points for your team through participation, spirit, weekly challenges, and more. Registration for Friday Night Lights will open next week. You’ll want to register early to make sure you get onto a team. Registered athletes that participate on all 5 open workouts will earn a shirt on the final night.

CFHP has 5 sponsorship spots available, one for each week. Contact Avery for more details.

Upcoming Skill Clinics

Pullups - Thus 1/21 6pm and Sat 1/23 10am

CTB pullups and MU - Thurs 2/4 6pm and Sat 2/6 10am

HSPU - 2/18 6pm and 2/20 10am

Check out the WOD Journal in the retail store. It’s chalk full of resources and benchmarks, and lots of space to track your progress and results. What’s the saying? What you measure, grows?

Last - make sure to schedule a quarterly coaching appointment with your primary coach. You can use this to re-test your baseline and see the progress you’ve made. The quarterly coaching appointment starts with an inventory of your skill level in the various aspects of crossfit and lifestyle, some guided goal setting, and strategy.

Short and Sweet this week.

Stay Limitless!

CFHP Coaches

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